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Just purchased a new Bandit camera from Tom Tom, tried loading the app to my iphone from apple and it asks for specific number sent via a message. Never received it and unable to pair. The bandit asks for a number to be put in to pair the two. Unable to do this so think I have wasted my money !!!
Any ideas?
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Hi DSimmo,

Welcome to the Community!

Have you installed the latest software version 1.61.508 on the Bandit camera? As you're having issues with pairing to the Bandit App, you can also download the Bandit Studio software on your PC and update the software using it, see here: Update your camera software

Once you update the camera with the latest software, please make a reset on your camera and re-pair it with your iOS device. Let us know the outcome!

After going round and round in circles, still unable to download the app to either my iPhone or laptop. Therefore unable to check and update software. Even tried accessing via the tomtom connect where I update my rider bike sat nav.
So where do we go from here? Getting very frustrated and fed up with your software not either user friendly or working.
Back to you guys for last time.
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Hi DSimmo,

Is there any error displayed while downloading the Bandit App on your phone or laptop? Please check the compatibility of Bandit App and Bandit Studio here.

Also, please check the public FAQ here to know more about pairing your Bandit with the iOS device.You can download the Studio software on the link here: https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/getstarted/action-camera/

Hope it helps!

Cheers, lampard
I have tried this a number of times on the iphone app. All I get is when I tried to download is: Install, then verification required which I click continue. It asks for a verification code which is via a sms message to my mobile number.
I never receive the code every time I try to download. So unable to install !!!!
Still getting nowhere, what is wrong with the app that it won't just install. - Please get your IT dept to sort out, before I return the unit for a refund.


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