TomTom Adventurer still not Syncing

Done everything and this thing still never syncs when needed. Its so hit and miss its unreal. How can these forums not be full of posts like this.
Always shows as just connected but very rarely syncs. Its driving me up the wall as its always after activity that i want to get into my strava.
Finished a ride Sunday @ 11.30am and it was not until 9pm it finally sync'ed.
Wish i got the Polar watch i was looking at.
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I have the same problem. It would be nice to be able to force a sync. Also, it would be nice if the time of the day could sync from the phone and not only when you connect it to the computer. Starting to miss my Suunto, and this would really be an easy fix.
Hey TomTom
Any news on my request for a refund on my TomTom Adventurer so that I can buy a device that works as sold and as it should and connects to my phone. ??
I've done everything on all the forums and in all the replys and its still junk.
Let me know when my cheque will be arriving. Many thanks.
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Hi 1221Belm,

Welcome to the Community!

Have you already returned the watch? If not then I can revert the firmware version back to 1.7.60 which is a workaround for pairing issues with the watch.

Also for any refund related queries, please contact our customer support and they'll be able to help you out! You can click on the 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them.

Cheers, lampard
Please advise how to revert the firmware.
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Hi Karl,

I've reverted back the software version on your watch to 1.7.60 version. Please connect your watch to the computer and perform a factory reset, the software will be offered in Sports Connect. The battery life of the watch will be impacted if you use the phone notifications feature. (Before pairing the watch, make sure to remove it from the Bluetooth devices under your smartphone)

Also, I've closed this discussion thread for comments as we have a dedicated thread to handle the software rollback request. If you've any rollback requests/feedback's, please feel free to post them here:

Cheers, lampard


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