Scrolling when viewing split times

How do you scroll down when viewing split times if I have run more than the 8 splits or whatever is shown in activity review? There is no scroll bar on the side of the split viewing screen.

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On MySports if you hover your cursor over the splits themselves, the scroll bar appears and you can simply roll your mouse down and the splits will scroll. I have a race from this weekend with 29 splits and I can see them all.

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I am viewing on iPad, there is no cursor. When I touch the splits table I just get the chance to copy or share. No scroll bar appears so I can still only see half the split times from my run. ☹️
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On my Android device I simply touch and slide the screen an it scrolls down. Perhaps it is a problem with the iPad app. Have you tried uninstalling and the reinstalling the app?
I have just updated and the new app is rubbish! It is a phone app not an iPad app, it looks so cheap and nasty. The scrolling split times works but this App is such an eyesore. ☹️. I used the website instead and this looks the same as the old app but he "no scroll" on splits table remains. Thanks for your time tfarabaugh. 👣🏃🏻🚮🚭📵🐣.
Thanks for flagging this up. There is a bug that prevents scrolling splits on iPads. As a quick workaround you can refresh the activity details page and the scrolling should start working. We'll try to fix this as soon as possible.
This is now fixed, splits scrolling should work on iPads. Please let us know if there are any problems.