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I would like to suggest that mysports get the ability to delete erroneous sleep data. When I watch TV in the evening my watch will often register 30 min or so of it as sleep. I would like to be able to easily delete these as it makes my stats useless.

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Make the ability to remove unnecessary segments from the graph. I fully support, I have a problem will arise, when I sit down at the computer. Adds a few hours to sleep.
I think too, it would be great if the user could delete the erroneous data. Otherwise there is no real purpose of using this feature.
This would be a great feature, a more general solution would be introducing a way to export/import sleep data.
I totally agree. Useless, since I apparently sleeps at work in front of my computer (I could try to put the watch on the right arm and see if it helps, since I have the mouse in my left).
Mine shows that I wake up @ 05:00 but in reality I sleep like a baby till 06:00
This is clearly a simple programming change. We are not asking the watch to do it, just have the capability to edit the data once its on the computer. I took my watch off to change the oil on my car and now show a three hour nap in the middle of the day, (I wish).
Yes at least that.
+1!! 😃
+ 1 I also definitely need this to make sleep tracking a bit more accurate.
+1 Its really annoying not to be able to make simple edits of the data...
+1 I agree, why is not simply possible to delete an erroneous sleep data from the graph when we select it.
It should not be to hard to implement, and will be a quick win.
+1 This would be a real improvement
I totally agree and don't understand why this very simple functionality is still not available...
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miranda.c wrote:

I totally agree and don't understand why this very simple functionality is still not available...

Because TT Sports went out of business a year ago, laid off the entire staff and ceased all development. The watches are dead and are never going to change.
Oh man, guess it's back to Garmin...



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