Speedcamera subscription neccessary om TT5000?

I get a warning to renew my speedcamara subscription, but my old subscription expires in 1.5 months. Can I already take out a new subscription now without losing the 1.5 month of my old subscription? So does the new subscription match the old subscription expiration date? Or do I not need a speed camera subscription? Because I have a lifetime card update?
Thanks for your answer!

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Hi @Abito52

You can buy now. Your new subscription will be added to the 1.5 months of your old = 12+1.5

I have already done it several times for my Start25. This year's the end of my subscription was mid October 2018, purchase in August 2018 to have a reduced promotional price.

After your purchase, when you reconnect your device to MyDrive Connect the date will be updated without loss of duration. You can check here:
==> in MyDrive Connect, tab "My Content", go down to "My Services", click on the picture "Speed ​​Camera updates"

At the moment there are Christmas promotions, for Nederland:

Don't forget when ordering to select your device by its serial number to link your purchase. It's below your billing address, even if you only have one device.


Edit: the GO5000 has the free lifetime subscription for EU map and traffic. But alas, the subscription for speed cameras is paying.

Hello Laure123,
Thank you for your answer and explanation. With Norton Internet Security I do have the experience that my new subscription did not match the expiration date of the old subscription.

Anyway, I assume that TomTom has better arrangements for this. Because there is indeed a Christmas discount in force now, I wanted to buy my subscription right now.

I will now use the offer, if it does not go well, I will still report it in the forum.
Thanks again and best regards!
Hi Laure123,
You're absolutely right, the new subscription is fully in line with the old expiration date, thanks! Thanks!
Greetings Abito52
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Hi @Abito52

You're welcome. 🙂
Glad that everything went well for you.



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