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As my free speed camera subscription is expiring, I've tried to take advantage of the offer that includes 6 months free . When I go to pay for it using either my paypal or out of desperation a debit card I get the message '' unknown error has occurred, check your details and try again'' or words to that effect. If it's an unknown error how can I even get a clue as to what the issue is! I even tried to ring for help but got a tinny voice at the other end saying ''I can't hear you and I will end the call'' no matter how loud I shouted HELLO ! I hate to think how much that has cost me ! Been trying for three days now without any progress. Any one else had this issue and managed to resolve it.
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@patrolman pete

Contact Customer Services, on Monday, to check that you haven't paid more than once

CS United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Decided to send an email to customer services who replied the next day believing there was a technical problem at their end. They changed a couple of settings and I was good to go within 24 hours. Very happy with their reply and outcome.:D
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@patrolman pete

Glad that contacting Customer Services was helpful
I was also advised that once the speed camera subscription had been paid and the order was shown as in progress, it would take 24 hours to verify the payment and the update could be downloaded to my device. Something to remember for future reference as I thought there was a further problem with downloading ! Maybe something that should be shown at the payment page.


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