Speed cam alerts when no route entered?

I have just swapped from a Garmin to a TomTom last week and getting to grips with it.With my Garmin when i didnt have a route logged in and was just showing the map it gave me speed camera warnings but have noticed that it doesnt seem to be doing that with my TomTom.Does it not work that way with the TomTom or am i messing something up? I have the alert on for all different kinds of cams and have updated all the latest cam alerts.Its driving me mad!!! Please can anyone help me out.Many thanks everyone.

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Solved it.I did a reset and did not update any of the speed cams and maps and they appeared!I guess i will wait for the blip in the speed cam updates to be sorted as i updated on friday 16th and that seems to have caused the issue.All working now 🙂



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