Map update has stopped speed cameras

Updated the satnav last night (go 5000) and went to work this morning and it wont do any speed cameras. There isnt any icon on screen or in status bar and no sounds..... Any ideas how to fix this as the last map update did the same thing and i ended up reinstalling the speed cameras as nothing else worked.

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Hi Lurchy666

Welcome to the community!

This sometime happens after installing a new map update.

I would recommend that you try reinstalling speed cameras and then test the device on a planned route.

Remove speed cameras-

Install speed cameras-

Then a soft reset- Press and hold the on/off button till you hear the drum sounds.

Vikram 🙂
Ok will give it a go tonight when i get home. Its only done it the last 2 updates. My mates go 6000 has done exactly the same so was wondering if there was a problem with the update process that keeps doing it



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