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Until last week when I ran the latest update via MyDrive, I used to get two warnings for cameras 1) three "pip" and 2) a camera description e.g: "Fixed Camera" or "Average Speed Zone" etc.

The pip[s still works but the verbal message is missing. I often travel up and down the M5 which is "riddled" with cameras and today I heard the pips - that's all. So far as I know/can see, nothing has been disabled in settings (certainly not intentionally) so if anyone can advise, I will be very grateful.

Many thanks
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Validate your setting as per page 111 of the manual http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/new_GO/refman/TomTom-GO-EU-RG-en-gb.pdf
Thank you Niall. I've done that and a I believe my settings are okay.

I'm a bit "Peeved off..." Tom Tom support have just just told me:

I have checked and found that unfortunately we do not have this feature on TomTom devices which announce what type of Speed camera it is. I will have take this as a feedback and forward it to the Product Development Team and hope that we have this in future on TomTom devices.

I have replied:

No. You have NOT checked correctly!

You are WRONG - the operational voice already existed but it has stopped.
- Please do not try and treat me as an idiot!
- Go back and check your specifications correctly: -

Up until last week, on approaching a camera I always received a verbal announcement e.g.: "Fixed Camera", "Average Speed Zone" etc.
- This applied from Day-One but has stopped since the last update.

On M42 2 just miles from my home if I drive (north) towards Birmingham there are lots of speed cameras (it's a speed controlled zone).
- Every half mile or even less I used to hear "pip, pip, pip" plus voice message: "Fixed Camera" - all the way until I reached the M6 interchange.

If I drive south on M42 as I join M% there are heavy roadworks and the same thing happens: ""pip, pip, pip" plus voice message: "Variable Speed Zone" etc.

- So Tomtom have screwed up my device.

They obviously did not read my first error report correctly!
- So I've told them if they can't fix it they should issue a return so I can buy something that works correctly!
dont those settings get reset on an update? and you have to go back into settings and change them to speak again? mine did
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Did you actually check the settings after the update?
Hello All

Thanks for your comments/questions guys.

I have never needed to reset options after an update. However as above, after reading Niall's comment I did check the settings (as per P111 of the manual) and AFAIK they are all correct.

I really took exception to TOMTOM telling me "they don't have the functionality" that I used before the update - although it's correct now because they've screwed it up!

What it boils down to is they have screwed something up - presumably in the update - and their lack of expertise in helpdesk illustrates the scant regard they have for the paying customer!

This sort of thing really annoys me - I'm just a "user" and I don't want a hobby of troubleshooting and sending support requests - I simply want what I had - which was what I paid for!

I await their response to the message I sent as above.

If anyone else encounters and fixes this problem I would really appreciate feedback - so thanks in advance!
Hi kingjohn6200

Can you remember what settings you had to reset?
- I've gone through mine and I can't see anything that's incorrect...
Ive found its best to ring them, sorry but ive hand many questions answerd wrong, and ignored. Phone them..
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Just to be on the safe side: The display language is set to UK English, the location is set to UK and you definitely have a UK English computer voice (not a recorded voice) setup, plus the "read aloud" option enabled?
Thank you kingjohn6200 and Zsolt
I usually send these things in via email so that I have a record especially since sometimes they attach instructions that I can copy/paste etc.
- And, yes, the settings were correct Zsolt.

Now here's a funny thing... last night when I checked there was the usual user map update plus a refresh of the cameras. I ran the updates and then went straight into Settings. The setting for verbal warnings was switched off (I had it on) so I changed it and went out today for a quick test (we only have one local camera thank heavens!) and bingo! 'pip pip pip'.... "Fixed Camera"!

TT Support have not answered my rejection note so I'm wondering whether to tell them it's been solved... I think I might send the answer by post for the attention of The Training Manager although I suspect they don't have one! Don't get me wrong... these people have a pretty thankless task but if they don't know how a particular product works, they should not handle the call without reference to someone else who DOES. Bear in mind they told me that facilities I had since I bought it in September did not exist!

What is annoying is that I don't really know what solved it except what I've written i.e.: after the update I found the speak aloud parameter was switched off and resetting it but does that only apply in conjunction with the latest camera update yesterday?
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Wondering if the camera database was maybe broken somehow and couldn't make a difference of what sort of camera it was, up to this update.
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Hi djpuk,

I'm glad to hear you got it sorted! 😃

We make a lot of effort to train our Customer Service representatives to be able to answer customers' questions. They have, however, a lot of devices to support and features change with software updates. Therefore some mistakes may occasionally happen. We've sent Customer Service a heads-up about this.

Cheers, Mikko
Hi Mikkok

Thank you!

What I was most annoyed by was the wording of the last response from the Help Consultant i.e.: "I have checked and found that unfortunately we do not have this feature on TomTom devices".

Read this as "I asked another guy and he said "I don't think any device does that"...
- What happened to the elevation process?
Hello All

I checked the camera warnings on the motorway yesterday (OK) and advised TT Support. However, do the number of times I visited the settings I cannot be 100% sure although I still suspect that the update switched the warnings "ALOUD" setting to off ( which is what I found as soon as the latest update had run. I will monitor what happens on future updates and if the nexte update(s) interfere with the device settings I will advise TT Support accordingly. If that is the case, at the very least it needs to be written up in the user manual!

Still, it seems I have a working example of the old adage : 'physician heal thyself'!

Thanks again for ye=our help gents.
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"Physician heal thyself" is predicated on software Physicians taking the first Hippocratic Oath "First do no harm" 😃
Naaah all IT peepul take a different oath - it's: "Thou shall not be found out!"
That's why they rubbish user issues if they don't know what the problem can be! 🙂

I had an IT flowchart a while back... I'll see if I can find it!


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