A40 Western Ave - Northolt Aerodrome to London - 40mph Specs Average speed check not 50mph

The section of A40 known as the Target Roundabout heading in towards London now has a Specs average speed check system installed from just before the Polish war memorial roundabout. This section towards London used to be 50mph. It is now 40mph and the TomTom Go 520 lifetime camera warning still indicates 50mph. This section of road now has permanent fixed signs showing 40mph which have been there for at least six weeks. PLEASE UPDATE THE SPEED CAMERA DATABASE TO REFLECT THIS IS NOW 40mph between the cameras. The current update from 4Nov2018 shows 50mph against the camera.

Interestingly a FOI request questioning the speed restrictions (in both directions) had a response saying there were no current plans to upgrade the central barrier and put the limit back to 50mph. So it much be cheaper to install a full specs system for a 3 lane plus sliproad, fix the limit at 50 and issue around £100k per month in fines (according to one other FOI request).

(The other A40 carriageway out of London had temporary speed restrictions of 30mph due to 'weakness' of central barrier, now lifted to 40mph).

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Hey presto. Speed cam update 13 Nov 2018 (maybe before) now shows 40 mph average speed zone rather than the 50 mph. Thank you for making the update. Drive safely.



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