TomTom Watches software update V1.7.16

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ripeAces--> do a reset and it will come good. Had mine do it last night, and after the reset it was fine. But still can't log onto MySports though... 😞
WOW! After updating to 1.7.16, my battery sucks. I've got the Multi-Sport version (this is a replacement for my faulty first one I had). Standby is a few days now, and when I used it for 3 hours (1 hour cycle, 1 hour rest, 1 hour cycle) I had about 10% battery left! I'm doing a 150km ride in Sweden in a July, and I hope it'll last the whole race.

Anyone else had any battery problems. I can't say I've had any other problems with it though; pretty happy with the watch actually.

I tried another factory reset and everything now seems to be working perfectly.
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@ ripeAces: Glad to hear you got it solved! 😃

@ LAB77: The battery issue will be fixed in the next software release. is currently being tested.

Cheers, Mikko

Edit: Amended my statement above to reflect the current state. Sorry for any confusion.
Cheers @MikkoK I look forward to the solution.

Vi ses,

How do I update the software on my multi sport watch to V1.7.22?

Why is it so hard to do so - i plugged my watch into my computer but nothing happens, no windows open etc

Ive searched on all tomtom websites and HOME but nothing.

Surely an update should be as simple as plugging your device into the computer and rest is done for you????

Please assist. 
Have you downloaded 'TomTom MySports Connect'? If you have, then run it when you have connected your watch. Everyhting should run automatically once you are running the TomTom software.

If you have not downloaded it, it's on the TomTom webisite. Then follow the previous steps I mentioned. Worked fine for me.

Hope this helps.
thank you
You TomTom engineers should rather be working on fixing the activity errors in MyConnect instead of releasing useless, marketing based updates that eat battery life.

I have my MultiSport for 3 months now, but I only enjoyed the tool for a few weeks because of the MyConnect problem.

I was a fan of the good-looking, easy-to-use watch, but now this is an extremely frustrated and disappointed customer who wished he had choosen for Garmin...

Sorry, but up till now it feels like 200 euros waisted
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  • Did you update your watch to 1.7.22 already? As far as I have noticed and heard the battery issue seems to be fixed with that version.
    The activity errors have also been fixed for quite some users including me. Are you using the latest MySports Connect app on your computer? I think they've applied an update on their servers as well to fix that issue as suddenly it worked again.
    Please also try if clearing the cache and deleting all * cookies from your browser will bring you back your information after reloading the page.

  • @Lupus1 I have the most recent version of both watch and Connect but still i can not upload anything.

    When I double click the ttbin-files to force a re-upload, I get the 'activity-error' window.

    The technician on the phone couldn't help me, they even sent me a new watch, but no progression...


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