Multisport- Waterproofing Failure

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Unfortunately I have to add myself to the list of people having this problem. I have had my multi sport for two and a half years with no problems. I mostly used it for cycling and running. Just this summer I tried it for swimming. As soon as I was out of the water the button interface failed to work. Since then the watch face clouds up and while I can recharge the battery I can't reset the time so it appears to be quite useless now. Like DJack58 I checked the water resistance value of 5ATM and it should be water resistant up to 50 meters under 'static' conditions. Falling into water while water-skiing could understandably put the seals under more pressure than 5ATM. In my case however I was simply swimming on the surface of the water. Technical explanations and marketing excuses aside the TT Multi-sport appears from the experience shared here to be unsuitable, or at least at high risk of failure, when used for the activities it is designed. Better to shop around for something more robust, particularly if you are a tri-athlete or use a device for cross-training.
Another one in the same situation. Two weeks ago, with a Multisports Cardio that I had for three years, I went swimming and that was the end of my watch. I heard a beep when I was swimming, but I didn't pay attention to it. When I was out of the water, the clock was on, not the activity, and the buttons weren't responding. I tried the hard reset (hold down button and put it in the tray), and also let it run out of battery, but to no avail. If you have this watch, you'd better not swim with it.



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