Multisport calorie calculation: Calories NOT Kilo Calories!

I've looked back at a lot of discussion about how TomTom Multi-Sport calculates calories burned. My TomTom reports results in KCal which I believe is incorrect. METs (metabolic equivalent of tasks) multiplied by your weight (in Kg) multiplied by exercise time is how the TomTom computes calories. Here is a way to enter your data without doing the calculation yourself to check calories by this method: ( The results are in Cal NOT KCal.
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I made a terrible mistake in my post! The TomTom DOES CORRECTLY report Kcal. There is a GREAT DEAL of confusion in many online sources about exercise and calories burned. The confusion is caused by common usage of the term "Calories" (that's with an upper case "C") in American literature. The meaning of this term is, in fact, kilocalories (1000 calories), or Kcal, the same as reported by TomTom. This confusion is borne out by the article that I cited in my Post. I should have taken the time to check the correct units using my knowledge of basic chemistry. Someone else asked about Kjoules. There are two basic sets of units used in science to express energy. To convert from Kjoules to Kcal, divide by Kjoules by 4.2.
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Hi nonno,

Glad to know that you figured it out! 🙂

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