Rider 400 - Spinning wheel when importing ITN routes

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I am posting this in the hope that other people have experienced the same problem.
When I import .itn routes either via Tyre or file explorer, the routes appear on the Tomtom 400, the problems start when you select routes to import. Once selected and told to import routes I get the spinning circle and that's it it just keeps spinning and never tells me that the routes have been imported successfully. The only way to stop the spinning wheel is to turn the unit off. Once turned back on the routes appear and can be used normally.

I have had the unit back to Tomtom and they sent me another unit which still has the same problems.
I can live with this problem but it just isn't how it is supposed to perform.

Best answer by raesewell 14 September 2016, 18:14

I now have the answer to the spinning circle when importing routes. Log out of your Mydrive account on the device and then import the routes and you will get the Tick and the message Importing routes successful.

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Are you working with a pc or mac? I use a mac and I tend to get two copies of the route copied to the tom-tom. One begins its name with an underscore. If I scroll down there is also a normally named one. That is the one to select. Unfortunately the underscored name one is always first in the list.

Otherwise I'm afraid I don't have a problem with itn imports.

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I am using PC I have no problem with duplicate routes only the symptoms I described
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I'm having the same problem when importing a track (gpx) from the mSD. The spinning wheel keeps on spinning for more then an hour for just a single track (94KB!) until I'm fed up and turn the system off. After a restart, the track is found in "My routes" waiting to be chosen for a ride.

What's wrong here? Is the TT waiting for more GPX-files to be copied to the mSD?
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I sent mine back to Tomtom and they sent me a new one that did the same as the first one (Spinning Wheel).
I'm living with it until enough people complain and they find a fix.
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Well, the report is about my TT-Rider40, but I've tested another rider first and that one had the same issue. This can't be a single failure in my view.

Thanks for the update.
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My did the same while importing a bunch of routes. Being tired of waiting, I disconnected the gps from the computer and did a reset. Then the gps told me it had routes on the sd card and imported them. Now I have all the routes imported..... Strange.
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If we all inform Tomtom they might do something about it.
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I've send a mail to the dutch TT support. As soon a have a proper answer, I'll let you know.
I've just had exactly the same! Just a spinning wheel with no recognition the route has been imported! Is there anyway to import a route from myrouteapp without using an SD card? It's not a deal breaker but it would be nice. I can't believe how complicated these units are to get to work properly. I used an old tomtom go with tyre to plan a 2500 mike trip around europe and had no issues like this! Thank to members on this forum I can now use route planning with waypoints which i'm thankfully grateful for, it's just a shame the tomtom customer services don't know how to do this on their own devices! I was about to send this device back until members from here helped me!! Thanks
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Using for example Windows Explorer is another way of importing routes to the TTR4XX. Connected to the PC, you don't need a mSD, but you'll still have that spinning wheel.
I see the spinning import wheel sometimes on my Rider 410,
at first I was switching the device on/off & seeing the routes imported correctly as others above have reported.

The way I get round it now is by clicking the blue navigation/compass icon in the top right of my screen after a few minutes of watching the spinning import wheel.
This takes me back to the map view & then I can go to the My Routes menu & see the imported routes.
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Ah, thanks for that.
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The Rider 400 will give you direct access to a small buffer/transfer area of the Rider 400 Main Memory... You can also access your Micro SD Card, you can drag & drop your .ITN or .GPX route files directly to the Rider 400 Memory buffer/transfer area or the Micro SD Memory card over a secure system
You don't have to have to use the Micro SD Card as a transfer medium

NavCore Version 15.302
Released on 3 July 2015
This update applies to: Rider 40/400
With the "Easy route upload"... You can connect your TomTom Rider to your PC using a USB cable, then drag and drop your route files directly to and from your device’s memory using a file explorer program.....

(1)... Connect Your device via USB and this screen appears on the Rider 400

(2)... Tap the Import route Icon and the Rider 400 connects to the secure "Easy route upload"

(3)... On your PC filing system you should see "Tomtom Rider 400" where you can drag and drop your route files directly into the Rider 400 main memory or the Micro SD Card

(4)... If you haven't got a Memory card installed it only shows the Rider 400 Main memory

(5)... Drag & drop your route files to the device or the Memory card

(6)... When your done tap "Done"

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I have also the spinning wheel problem. You can use the blue navigation/compass icon.
the second options is to do is bring de tomtom 400 to factory dafault. It helps sometimes.
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When you use Myrouteapp and you have the paid version. You can now send the route to your device, when you have a data connection with your phone. No spinning wheel anymore.
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The TT40 has been replaced as the failures were beyond repair.....
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I now have the answer to the spinning circle when importing routes. Log out of your Mydrive account on the device and then import the routes and you will get the Tick and the message Importing routes successful.


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