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What is the best phone to use with Rider 400 in the United States?

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Any descent smartphone with Google Android & Apple iPhone with tethering enabled (extra fees may apply) should do the job (Internet connectivity and MyDrive app usage).

Personally I prefer Apple iPhone. iOS is simpler to use, has a coherent UI, supported w/software updates for longer time and 99,9% just works.

Take a look in this forum, there are some smartphones with some problems about tethering.

Have in mind that the Rider has its problems with Bluetooth too. (Sound quality and frequent disconnections from time to time).
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not sure in the us calling features work on the tomtom
i for sure would not buy a phone based on this gps.
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It looks that they support it:
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Be aware of the voice quality issues and other bluetooth problems with Tomtom Rider.



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