MyDrive not syncing with TomTom Rider 400

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16 July 2017, 16:10

I created a route in MyDrive but it doesn't show up i My Routes on my TomTomRider 400.
"sync this route as a track with my devices" is enabled. What am I missing?

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    17 July 2017, 12:07

    Hi KewlB

    Welcome to the community:)

    I would advise you do a factory reset and log in to MyDrive on the device again. To avoid losing the saved places you can back up your device using MyDrive,see here.

    Perhaps you may also try using a different account as well. In case the issue will persist then please report this to the customer service.

    Has my post answered your query, then please mark it as answered so others can benefit.

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