Bad and frustrating experience with TomTom support

I have bought a Rider 400 about three months ago and two weeks ago after only riding on Sundays with the club only short distance on the highway a big part inside went loose (maybe battery) and was making noise when shaking the unit in my hand.
I contacted TomTom support and they created a job and they created a job reference number 170920-xxxxxx, reference number DERxxxx635. In the document I received is stating that I have to take my TomTom Rider 40 to the repair center in Midrand, South Africa. Firstly it was not a TomTom 40 but a TmoTom 400 and serial number was : KExxxxxxxx92. Also on the document from Support was specified that the device screen was going inside which is a lie.
I took the Rider to the repairs centre and they opened another job, repair no. 174069TSA, fault no.OT03 - Does not turn on (which again is a lie). I have been told that I will get a new unit which was not necessary, my unit was already new (I guess just fixing the loose part inside would have been enough), and that it will take 2 to 3 hours to have the firmware and maps loaded to it.
Anyway, 3 days later I go to pick it up, new serial number: KExxxxxxxx88. Back home I hook it to MyDrive Connect add it to my devices and do app updates. Big issue now: map update is once off and lifetime speed cams are only valid for three months.
Now I contacted the TomTom support again and they fixed the maps issue now having lifetime maps but the speed cams is still valid for 3 months. After complaining again I have been told that I will have life time speed cams after 3 months which it is not good enough.
In my opinion this is not good enough and TomTom is selling bad products and offers bad service. I want to have what I paid for right now: TomTom Rider 400, Lifetime maps, Lifetime traffic and Lifetime speed cams. If the Speed Cams issue is not fixed I want a full refund.

Mod edit: Please don't post private or personal information on a public forum.Thanks!

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It is standard procedure to get a replacement device. How else do you expect to get your device serviced so quickly?

Rider 40 = Rider 400, just the maps are different. Unsure how that works out in South-Africa though. Just be patient, I'm sure it will work out fine. Unless you're really unhappy with the device, I'd send them another update to ask for doing the necessary things to get what you initially paid for.
I am happy with my device but frustrated when I have to waste time trying to have the lifetime speed cameras activated. What I want to say is that the replacement unit should have been a real Rider 400 from the start.
One day you will probably sell your Rider. And when that day comes, you won't be able to announce it as a Rider 400, unless you can convince the buyer.

The Rider 40 only has 8GB memory and the 400 has 16GB.

The maps are AFAIK also different:
* Western Europe (40) / Europe (400)
* Regional (40) / Continental (400).

If I were you, I would go for a real 400 or a full refund!
Hi 954DK, thanks. I will check. Is the memory size for the flash rom?
I verified and I have Africa continental map but only 8GB internal storage. Does it mean I have a Rider 40 loaded with continental map? I have loaded a pic with the original box, you can see Rider 400 on top and the serial number on the front side.
Yup! It's a 40.
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Hi Virge52

Sorry to hear about the inconvenience.

I had a look at your account and as the customer service informed you, lifetime speed cameras services will continue after the 3 months.

RIDER devices with serial number starting 'KE' come with an internal memory of 8GB.

You don't have to worry about the subscription.

Please post your pic again but WITHOUT personal info such as serial number - just to clearify the first model, you had 🙂
Even if your device was a 400 and Tomtom in common announces the Rider as a having 16GB of memory, it looks like they're selling some Rider 400 Bundle units with only 8GB through Cape Union Mart...
That's even weierder :?

But I dont understand, that your device should be a 400 with a KE serial number, because the Tomtom page displays it as a 40 device:
Can somebody from TomTom clarify this issue? On my so called TomTom Rider 400 under system, about, it displays the title as TomTom Rider 40.
Is there any other difference between Rider 40 and Rider 400 like processor speed and RAM size?
The serial number on both original and replacement starts with KE.
Is this a sales strategy from TomTom only for South Africa? I mean sell Rider 40 as Rider 400?

Attached is to pic of my original box without serial number and it says it is a Rider400.
Id seems like you got downgraded Virge52...

And dear Tomtom admin: Please don't contact me regarding this issue.
Remember my freedom of speech 😉
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Hi Virge52

We have asked for some information through the customer service on the same incident to avoid sharing of personal/private information on a public forum.

To investigate the case further could you please update the case with the requested details so we can pick it up from there.

Thank you and regards
Hi VikramK, I have sent you the picture of the original box on the email address you specified in my inbox.

Hi VikramK,

Any news regarding my case? It is too quiet here and I have no feedback after sending you the requested pic of the original box with details, serial no. and model.
Please let me know.
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Hi there Virge52,

I apologise for the delays in updates/responses here. I have sent you a private message which you can reply to and we'll see if we can help with you issues.

All the best,
/ Jonatan
Hi Virge,
I'm located in Denmark 🙂

I really hope, you'll get your problem solved - despite the Tomtom staff's incredible arrogance... 😕
Hi 954dk,

Thanks, you are as cool as your country.

Any time bro 😉
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Hi Virge52

Sorry about the delay in replying and thank you for sending across all the requested information.

I checked this case with our Product Team and I got a confirmation that the RIDER 400 model you have is indeed the correct one, which comes with 8GB of internal memory.

RIDER 400 devices sold in Europe come with an internal memory of 16 GB whereas the RIDER 400 devices sold in South Africa come with 8GB of internal memory and this has been specified on the webshop link below:

I hope this will clear the confusion.

Thank you and regards
But VikramK:
Tomtom sent a Rider 40 to Virge52. He had a Rider 400, before returning it to you. Can't you see, your being unfair?

And VikramK: Please don't contact me again. I really don't care about your private messages.
Yes true. Now when going: Menu/Settings/System/About it says: TomTom Rider 40
If it is a TomTom Rider 400 as you insist where on the unit is written? Not on the unit not in the firmware.
So it is a TomTom Rider 40 and I had a TomTom Rider 400 before the exchange which in my opinion was not necessary, just a matter of opening a few screws and gluing the battery in place.
VikramK, please prepare a system file for me to upgrade to Rider 400, I do not need internal extra storage, 8GB is ok for me. I want to use TomTom only as GPS. I have Scala Rider Packtalk and a decent phone for communication. And obviously I want to have a TomTom Rider 400 not a 40
Hello TomTom people,

I wander for how long will you keep this issue hanging and unsolved? VikramK came with an explanation as why I have a TomTom rider 400 with only 8GB storage. Truth is I have a swap out unit which TomTom repairs center decided to give me as replacement for my 3 months old faulty Rider 400 (battery loose inside).
I understood the explanation VikramK came up with.
I have asked a simple question: If you say the replacement unit is a Rider 400 then how can I prove it or how can you prove it? On the unit it is nothing written and the firmware tells it is a Rider 40. I bought a rider 400.
Waiting here and the time is passing fast. I have asked this question 5 days ago. It looks like Vikramk decided to ignore me. He might have had enough of me.
What do you say?
Notice the silence...
All of the frequent debating users on this site are very quiet 😞

What I find even more shocking is, that the Tomtom employees treat you like that...
It looks like I have to open a new topic to warn all South African TomTom Rider 400 owners that in fact they bought a Rider 40 packed in a rider 400 box. This is my screenshot of my paired devices. As you can see it is a Rider 40. I also have a Go 400 for the car



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