What maps are covered by built in SIM on GO 5200?

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Best answer by EthoZ 11 November 2018, 13:37

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I have read that the built in SIM on the GO 5200 and 6200 only covers maps that are pre-installed on the device you buy, but I cannot see any information saying what maps are installed on the device when you buy it from Tomtom. It says it has lifetime world maps but nothing to say whether they are installed or what is installed. Could be UK, could be Europe, could be the world!

Does anyone know the answer?

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The SIM card is not for the maps, it is for connecting to live services. The maps are on internal memory and you can add a SD card for more maps. The map which is intalled when you buy the device is the map where you live but you can change ( or add) some maps of other parts of the world.
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Thank you both for your answers, though neither give me a sure answer. miketorcy, the issue is not with card or sim use or possible maps, rather that the built in SIM ONLY works maps installed at the point of purchase...

  1. "TomTom Services via built-in SIM are limited to the countries included in the map installed on your device when you purchase it."
So it really matters what maps are there when bought.

EthoZ, the first link you sent refers to the GO 5100 and implies that for me (in UK) it would come with a Europe map installed though obviously the info on the link is not up to date.

So, if it came with Europe, would the SIM still work with a later installed purely UK map?

Has any one bought one in the UK? What did it come with?

I was hoping to get one today but can't phone Tomtom for advice till tomorrow.

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See: Specifications > See all specs
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Thanks 👍🏼
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Hi, @pablisch ,

I have the GO-520 - the basic difference, between the 520 & the 5200, is that mine doesn't have a SIM (it gets its Traffic updates via a Bluetooth connected Smartphone) whereas the 5200 gets its Traffic updates via the SIM (i.e. using a built-in Mobile Connection).

However, (I'm also UK based), the coverage is the same:-

For Maps, it is initially loaded with European Maps (obviously including UK & Ireland).

The Traffic coverage (as well as Speed Camera Updates) is also Europe-Wide (for those Countries that have that level of infrastructure - as far as I'm aware, some Countries don't have that level of Support Infrastructure).

However, whilst you can download any other Maps (whether instead of the European Map or in addition - this may need the use of an installed MicroSD Card), you will ONLY get Traffic & Speed Camera updates for Europe!!




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