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I'm on the edge of pulling the trigger on a Rider 550. Except I'm confused about what maps are supported/free. I'm also confused about traffic support.

At some point in my research a see "free worldwide maps". And then I encounter the words "downloading" and "purchasing". Reading further, an SD can be uses for routes and tracks or for maps, but not both due to formatting constraints. Which seems to imply there can be maps, or there can be routing and "bread crumb" tracks but not both.

I need support for at least the entire US. Adding Canada and Mexico would be nice. I also need support for Europe and the UK. How is that managed and usable in the 550?

Traffic and POI support is not a must, but if it's part of the 550 experience, why not use it. Except that I found references to a subscription and, possibly, a three month trial. Again, I'm confused.

Guidance on any or all of the above is welcome.

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Hi RBEmerson,

Welcome to the Community!

The Rider 550 device comes with the World lifetime maps and you can check the detailed coverage of countries in the link here. Also, the device will have the USA, CAN & MEX map pre-installed on it which you can change according to the countries you want to travel.

The device also has the Lifetime Traffic and Speed camera subscription which will only be valid in USA, CAN & MEX. See the user manual here for the queries regarding installing the updates: Rider 550

Hope this helps!

Cheers, lampard
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Great thanks for your information.
Two follow-up questions: 1) Cost of add traffic support for at least continental Europe

2) The documentation appears to indicate that user-supplied SD chip can have maps or routes and tracks because of formatting issues. Can I have both the North America and Europe maps in internal memory or only one or the other? I regularly travel between the US and Germany in particular. Additionally, we travel extensively in Germany and somewhat less in the US. That means doing downloads for each map change which, in Germany, is a problem.
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If you want have traffic in Europe with a device sold in USA, the only think is to buy a TMC adaptator. It work not so bad but it is not so accurate like the live traffic.

You can have USA and Germany map together but not USA, Canada and Mexico and complete Europe. You buy a SD card of 16 GO and it is ok. One map on internal memory and one in the SD card.
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Great thanks for your advice. It's no great loss not have European traffic info, particularly as the rules vary from country anyway.

It's no great loss to not have the Canadian and Mexican maps. I can work around that. But it looks as though having Germany works but not the surrounding countries. Time to rethink my plans as routes and tracks matter, too, I guess I'm to have to accept repeated reloading.

Related to reloading, can the files be stored on a hard drive, or memory stick, and reloaded from there or must I do the reloads from online map files from TT?
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Call support for clarification about what features/maps the device is eligible for:

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01 57 32 40 67
du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30
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Thanks! I now have NA and part of Europe sitting safely in my Rider 550.



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