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Hi all,

We've just released a new TomTom Adventures website where you can discover trails, upload them to your watch and get going!

These tracks are best explored with the TomTom Adventurer watch which gives you many outdoor activity metrics but they can also be uploaded to the Runner 3 and Spark 3 watches.

Get going! 😃

Cheers, Mikko

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Why does that web site not request to know your present location and then offer "Adventures" near you?
Finding anything local needs a lot of wading through the badly laid out pages.
E- for navigation 😠
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Hi Niall,

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll forward that to the team.

How could the layout be improved in your opinion?

Thanks, Mikko
That's so grat.. Thanks for sharnig!!
It would be great if any Tomtom user could add their own routes for sharing with others
Can anyone explain the logic of buying any Tomtom product when they can unilaterally limit its lifetime overnight? "Oh crumbs, our profits are on the blink. Let's dump the existing sports range and make 'em buy more!"



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