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New maps v10.20 available for download

New maps v10.20 available for download
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Hi all,

We've just released the new maps v10.20 for PND's /Motorcycle/Automotive/Truck/Camper. They are now available for download.

The maps 10.20 for Mobile apps will be released a week later on Thursday 6th of September 2018 Tuesday 11/12 [tentative]

Drive safe! 🙂

Cheers, lampard

Mod edit: Thanks Niall for pointing that out! 😃

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Hello there,
It will be interesting to know in détails what kind of update has been done.
Thank you.
Vadim58 wrote:

Hello there,
It will be interesting to know in détails what kind of update has been done.
Thank you.

Most nav map manufacturers don't issue update details as most of the time there is simply too many to report on.
Imagine if they did 500,000 updates on the map: new roads, road topology changes, speed limit changes, intersection changes, poi changes, improved country coverage, etc etc etc.
it's a mammoth task tracking the changes from version to version.

So, just like we did when we bought new paper maps all those years ago, just get the latest version and be happy with it 🙂
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however your servers are slow .. I downloaded the update slowly ...
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i cant update my tomtom 510 go as for 1 hour i am still seeing message getting ready is there a problem that i should know of anyone have any clues on this issue please leave a small message thanks
Vadim58 wrote:

It will be interesting to know in détails what kind of update has been done.

Well here's one little piece of detail for you:
The new Weisslingerstrasse-Tösstalstrasse roundabout in Kollbrunn, Switzerland, which was constructed in Summer 2018 is now included in this map version. So that confirms to me that the data used for this map version is quite recent (less than 6 months old).
nadeems tomtom wrote:

i cant update my tomtom 510 go as for 1 hour i am still seeing message getting ready is there a problem that i should know of anyone have any clues on this issue please leave a small message thanks

Try a hard reboot of your device.
Check the amount of free memory space.
Delete any unwanted voices / maps / features etc. to increase free space if space is low.
The map update is around 8.5GB for Western Europe.
Keep the device on external power throughout the update as downloading 8.5GB always takes time.
My TomTom GO 620 WIFI updated last night without any issue, I let it update overnight and it was all finished this morning.
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It took me about 50 minutes to download and install, I was hooked up to my PC so was using my internet connection.
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The disadvantage of updating maps soon after they are released! 😀

On V10.20 map release day I started the map update process about 1pm - just under 2 hour's later and only 15% downloaded………………….

Grrrrgh - had several episodes where Tomtom declared I had no internet connection even though I could access every other website in the world and doing a Speed Test confirmed a download speed at 75 Mb/s!

Then it said "Ooops Something went wrong" and I had to start again, left it for 5 hours and when I last checked it was up to 78% - checked again about 30 minutes later and I had no map at all.

Did a Drum Roll reset then a factory reset and it would appear I had “lost” my purchased Europe Camper Van Maps. 😥

Looking in the log file folder I had over 1gb of log files!!!

The main content of which was similar to this:

2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|10|Information|ProxyThrottler::Read|Status code is: 200
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|bytes read:1402
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|BytesWritten|1402
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|remaining bytes to write|1402
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|Bytes to write|1402
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|Start waiting for buffer depletion
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|bytes available:2516
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|10|Information|ProxyThrottler::Read|Status code is: 200
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|bytes read:2516
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|BytesWritten|2516
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|remaining bytes to write|3918
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|Bytes to write|3918
2018-12-04 17:09:47.695|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|Already waiting for deferred read
2018-12-04 17:09:47.698|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|bytes available:0
2018-12-04 17:09:47.698|20|Debug|ProxyThrottler::Read|162|Nothing to read and write.

I assume this was due to TomTom servers being slow / the downloads being Throttled……………? 🤔

As giving up until nearer midnight the same day; I was able to download both map updates (2 x 8.5gb) within the hour, so have learnt my lesson not to attempt to update soon after maps are released!!! 😁
Hope the fully opened S8 from Warsaw to Bialystok v.v. has been implemented.
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hi i am using version 4.1.8 3408 does anyone know if tomtom have blocked this as i am not able to downdoad the new maps also i cant update to latest mydrive as my computor is not able to do this needs to download drivers just to complicated for me i am on windows 7 sata do i need a new computor if so which one do i need to buy to get the latest mydrive and latest tomtom maps can someone tell me as i have had so many issues with tomtom do i need to buy a garmin instead as i have been told that garmin dont have this issue at all
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@nadeems tomtom

If you are using a Windows 7 64bit system see this thread
The North American map suggested as an update today was named in French. This has NEVER hapened before. I am downloading to a TomTom GPS, not a phone. Do not understand why this happened. Most folk in N.A. are English, not French. MyDrive Connect is in English, as are the notifications on my GPS as the install proceeds.

North American map (USA, Canada, Mexico) 10.20 has a FRENCH title when available updates are displayed for my GPS. My Profile says I am English, as is my GPS.
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Yeah, same here. I wouldn't worry about it........
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Thanks for bringing this up. We'll report this.
Started my map update download early yesterday evening. As of now (1236) update still running up to 90%. No other option other than updating via wifi for GO 5200.

This is ridiculous how slow these map updates are.
So, I have the TomTom GO500 with the map installed on a 16GB SDHC card. I started the update to this new map release and after completing the download, the program hung up at the "checking the download" step. I restarted the process by closing the MyDrive program and restarting the GPS. Now my SD card is full and there is no space to download and install the map with "No Maps Available" displayed on the GPS. I bought a new SD card today, and the GPS just flashes the screen that asks if I want to use the SD card for the map and then goes straight to the "No Maps Available" screen. I'm stuck with a GPS that is useless right now. What can I do to reformat the SD card and get the map installed?
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Use a card reader to format the card as FAT32. Don't use quickformat.

Then go into Settings in MyDriveConnect (either a cog wheel or a country flag depending upon your version of MDC). Click Settings and go to the download tab and clear the downloads.

Then insert the card into the device and again format it for maps. Connect to the computer with MDC running. The map should be offered again.

[the sd card should not be greater than 32 gb and a 16 gb Sandisk is better].

If no luck, call support tomorrow:

🇨🇦 Canada (en)
1 877-757-7137
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST



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