Multiple Vehicles / Drivers Using MyDrive (Connect)

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We have two cars, two drivers, and two phones. We each grab whatever car that suits the destination. To avoid syncing issues we both use the same account on the MyDrive app but yesterday we found that's a problem.

I'm headed out to an unfamiliar destination and my route kept getting cleared. It turns out my husband, in the other car, was trying to clear the route from the other TomTom GO 600. Obviously bluetooth wasn't the issue as we were literally miles apart. How should we configure the MyDrive accounts so that we can both use either device? We don't want to have to log in/out from different accounts on our phones depending on which car we drive.

Any input appreciated.

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Hi HPS001,

Welcome to the Community!

MyDrive is currently designed to be used with one device per account for syncing destinations and routes. We're monitoring the feedback regarding this to assess the need for changing this behaviour. I'll log your feedback to be reported to the product team.

Cheers, Mikko