Can't now connect my new GO 510

Just got a new GO 510 so registered and set up MyDrive Connect on my Mac, which it did fine and my GO 510 initially connected with the software okay. Noticed that there were some updates available, so left these running as they were going to take 25 minutes or so. When I returned to check if they had completed, my device was no longer connected and has failed to connect ever since, which was about 3 hours ago. It attempts to connect but then suggests that the USB cable isn't connected correctly. Now, why can it one minute be successfully connected and the next become disconnected and totally unable to reconnect? Any clues, please?
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Have you tried a soft reset? Press and hold the ON button, until you hear the drum roll.
Thanks for the suggestion but I have tried that several times to no avail!
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To rule out a Mac issue, do you have access to a Windows PC (at friends or family)?
TomTom Support have just sent me a (possible) solution, which I will try tonight. Failing that I will go to my parents' house and try their PC, all my local friends have Macs now! I'll post how I get on but thanks for your help so far!


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