Pro Truck 5150 not updating community maps - keeps showing them as availalble after updating

Hi, I've had a problem for awhile now when updating my Pro Truck 5150 via My Drive. after downloading and installing all the updates it still shows the community map updates as available. Can I reinstall and start from scratch? My roadworks and road closures on the maps seem to be increasingly out of date or incorrect. Is this a result of the community maps update problem or a Live Traffic issue? Any ideas gratefully received.

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Hi jesrain,

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It seems to me you're having two separate issues. Unfortunately, we've had some issues with MapShare installations on your device model. I'd recommend you to contact Customer Service to see if there's something they can do about that.

Regarding roadworks and closures, they are part of the LIVE Services. I'd recommend you to see" target="_blank [support FAQ - LIVE services not working].

Should that not solve your issue, please" target="_blank and provide them with the information mentioned in the end of the FAQ.

Cheers, Mikko
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This seems to be a perennial problem.  I have given up on this after trying all suggestions. Also there seems to be problems installing updates from pc to 5150.   I have a reasonably fast internet connection and updates down load in less than 20 seconds so presumably not a big file. BUT.  the second stage (installing to your device) installs 99% (shown on device) PC. although My drive screen shows 100% installed but still requests me to keep my device connected. After 2-3 hours the process eventually finishes.  What is going on here?  Never have these issues with another Garmin device I have.
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Unfortunately, there is some technical issues with installing MapShare, matching your description. I'd recommend you to check" target="_blank [MyDrive troubleshooting tips].

Should that not solve your issue, please" target="_blank.

Cheers, Mikko
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Thanks Mikko

I think I have now tried everything anyone has suggested.   What I cannot understand is that after a trouble- free and erro-free download to PC why at the installation stage 99% is installed on to the device in less than 10 seconds but the last 1% takes 2 - 3 hours.


John E
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Hi John,

That's the technical issue I was referring to. I'd recommend you to contact Customer Service as they are able to solve the issue in many cases.

Cheers, Mikko
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    Welcome to the site

     Some users are having problems with Mapshare files at the moment.

    There appears to be five versions of the MapShare bug, the symptoms vary depending on the model or if the Map is stored on the Main memory or a memory Card.

    Tomtom are trying to fix this.

    See......" target="_blank

    See....." target="_blank

    See....." target="_blank

    Also See....." target="_blank 

    Scroll down to "Download/installation getting stuck" Then click on the spoiler Icon for more info

    World phone numbers in my signature

  • Hi jestrain, have the same model SatNav and having the same issues, I contacted customer support and they are aware of the issue which for me has been going on since Dec 2014. I manage to get all the updates that are available by unticking "MapShare" up dating the rest then trying that one on it's own, but still as of today have over 2mb which still sitting there, so like urself waiting for either a time scale for this issue or a fix


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