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Hello i have this problem ... Someone has this problem ?? I'm from Italy .

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I get that occasionally keep trying and eventually it will be ok

I suspect the statement is correct - server busy

though tonight I cannot connect as "mydrive connect " is giving an error 503 so I suspect the server is down ?
I have the same problem.
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Yep, believe it is server errors today.
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Even at this moment always the same problem ...
Same here, UK, since 10.00 GMT.
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Hello everyone

I posted a response on this here:


Link not working. Displays message;

Something has gone wrong

Sorry, the page you are looking for might have been removed, is temporarily unavailable, or the name has been changed.
If you came here through our website, please let us know where this error occurred, so we can repair the defect. Contact us by e-mail:
If you came here through a link on another website, this reference will have been incorrectly recorded. Unfortunately we cannot change this. Please contact the website which recorded this error directly.
Perhaps the following can be of help:
  1. Check that the spelling in the address bar is correct.
  2. Go to: Homepage.
  3. Click the on 'previous' button in your browser if you want to try another link.
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Try the link now. Works for me............



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