How can TomTom inform the users the best when the update-server is down

I encountered a problem yesterday and today during the update of maps on my Rider 450 using Mydrive Connect. The download went fine, the connection with the 450 went well as well, but then the process "hang", waiting for the system, no progression whatsoever. Looking into the detail log made it clear that the process stopped indead. Costs me a lot of time, changing cables, cleaning up Home3, resetting the 450, etc, following recommendations found on the internet.
This morning I called support and found out that the update-server was down.....
It would have been very beneficial if this was stated somewhere on the website, in the support section for instance. Not good for publicity, but my experience is not good as well.
So any suggestions?

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Hi rkornelisse

Please subscribe to this topic:

I will post back once the issue has been resolved.




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