GO 6100 adding device to MDC stalling on being added

Having trouble re adding my device to MDC for the past 3 days.

Had to reset the unit and remove the device from MDC but now i cant seem to get it back added to work.

Had to purchase a SD card last week to support the larger Europe map but since then dont seem to be getting the performance out of MDC as it hangs up when installing just 5mb updates too.

The main issue is im stuck on the "Your device is being added" screen and have been for over 9 hours overnight trying to get it added back into my account:

Any advice or help? Read the previous comments and topics and nothing seems to work.

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Adding a link to the banner topic:

You may want to consider subscribing to that topic...

I will be posting back once I have an update to share.

Sorry 😞

Thanks Vikram!

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Any news yet, my device is still being added with no sign of completion



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