What's Up? My Map Share Reporter Submissions ALL Stuck In Pending Status For Months

Hi All - about three years ago, I was informed by TomTom that I was their top Canadian mapper (in volume of reports submitted). Since September 14, 2017, I have submitted more than a thousand reports. Since September 14th and Report ID: 84aa6887-b706-4366-a1d8-ebfead8bcb64 - not one of my reports have been reviewed / worked on / accepted / rejected / fixed - just nothing. Now I for one do believe in enjoyable long coffee breaks (chuckle) - but what gives? Usually my reports are dealt with in a much more timely manner. I am really really curious as to what is going on? Hope someone can enlighten me? Thanks!

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Hi BigGuyCA,

We've recently done some changes in what order and priority our reports are solved. However, a trusted user such as yourself, should not have to wait this long.

I've reached out out to some of our contact points for North America and Canada. Hopefully they can look into the situation.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,
WOW and Awesome - thank you for getting back to me! And thanks for the compliment!

The greatest concern for me (and I have read same from other users) is that the clock is ticking. That is to say - our submissions are no longer visible to us after 365 days

Anyway thank you again




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