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Hi Tomtom
I received the latest map about a week ago and was disappointed non of the widely announced changes in Flanders (Vlaanderen) where implemented.
-The maximum speed on all normal road has been changed from 90km/u to 70km/u started from 1-1-2017.
-Also all the changes I report true map share for more then a year ago have not been updated
-I use my tomtom regulary to correct the wrong speed but also this is not updated
-I drove on a new road in Bilzen, also not on the map... but it is on google maps...

What about the updates, it looks Tomtom is falling behind and are not updating changes reported by the community
Regards Arne

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Hi Arne, TT told us the 70 km/h change will be implemented in the next map (around May). In my experience, the best way to report map errors is by using the online Map Share Reporter tool.
I have reported a lot of changes true my TT (like speed updates) but also wit the oline Map Share reporter... Never any feedback, never any change on my TT map. Also I see changes like a removed speed cam in Valkenswaard whitch is alredy gone for 2 years and it is also removed from the online map but still shows up on my TT... If you buy a >250euro TT with lifetime maps you expect them something from it...
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Did your MSR reports already get the 'Accepted' status? If not, you could post the MSR IDs here in the topic so that Robbie can check what's going on with them.

Could you provide the locations of the Valkenswaard speed cams? Then I can check whether they are shown on my device, just to be sure it's not something wrong on your device.
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Hi ACal,

I can see 4 reports you've made using an account with the same email address. Two of them are very recent and haven't been picked up by the map team yet. I can't say more about your reports from last December. Let's wait for Robbie to be back. I'm sure he can shed some light on those 😃

Cheers, Mikko
Hi Mikko, Robbie
I see that my 4 reports are still on status "aangevraagd", so not accepted yet. Also all speed changes I do using the TT directly I never see any feedback or correction on.
-The speed cam in Valkenswaard is on the luikerweg (see map in Attachement) This cam is still shown on my TT but already gone for 2 years in real life...
-Could you also check out the roads around "Bilzen" (Attachement)... See the difference between maps and TT...
-Also the speed in my home town "Eksel" changed partly from 50 to 30, how can I report this so it will be updated on my TT? My old TT one I could just updat my own map, my new Go5000 I Can not update anything and TT isn't doing it...

Regards Arne
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Thanks Arne for the location. I checked and for me it does not show the speed cam. Also on the Map Share Reporter website and the Android TomTom Safety Cameras app the camera is not present anymore. Are you sure you logged in onto MyDrive on the device and have installed the latest maps? The latest map version is v985.

I will report the missing road and speed limit as well. Could you indicate which for what parts the speed limit changed? For now, the best way to report changed speed limits is still to use the MSR tool.
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Hi ACal,

Just a quick update on this topic, I can't provide much input on the speed reports you've submitted at this point, but I can say that the one way you've reported has been forwarded to the correct department, and they stated that they should be able to resolve it.

I understand that these submissions are not always resolved in a timely manner, but we are working toward more promptly reviewing reports for the future. My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

If I get any more information regarding your reports, I'll post them here.

Kind Regards, Robbie
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Update: The MSR reports about the missing road have now been accepted.
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Screenshot taken today, reported using the MSR tool


About Map Share
You can report map changes using Map Share. These map changes are then shared with other TomTom device users when they receive a map update.

There are two ways to report a map change:

Select a location on the map and create the change report immediately.
Mark a location and create the change report later.
To send your map change reports to TomTom, you must connect your Rider to your computer and use MyDrive Connect.

All map changes are verified by TomTom. These verified changes are then available as part of the next map update which you can get when you connect your device to MyDrive Connect using a USB connection.

This means changes I send through my tethered rider 400 won't be uploaded to tomtom unless I connect it to the computer?

Why aren't the changes I submitted via the rider visible in my reports online?
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Hi basix,

Reports from devices are anonymous and handled automatically. For more information, please see here.

Cheers, Mikko