Trustee/Community mapshare changes badly needed

I love the idea behind TomTom and the map and directions seem pretty solid.

However one of your USPs that pushes you over the likes of Google maps, is the speed camera and speed limit detection.

There needs to be a system developed to grant people ,that are willing, a trusted contributor status with an expanded mapshare API (that periodically publishes changes). The changes made on the device/map by these people could be an optional download(You could call it "Community/trustee driven updates" and give the user the option to enable/disable on MyTomTom/device).
I live in rural south-west, and travelling to Cardiff was littered with mistakes. It felt like there was more incorrect speed limits then correct, with the smart motorway (with the speed cameras under every gantry) only showed one out of 5 or 6 cameras along that stretch.

There's no point in having such a long processing period when a sizable information regarding speed limits are incorrect or downright missing. I know these speed limits are incorrect, and could correct them within the week. I would be willing to put my name up against it and have a reputational based system.
Still waiting months for tomtom to reinstate speed limits back to the older (correct version). The speed limits were incorrectly changed on my daily commute months ago, and now I can't fix it because reporting takes too long.
Something needs to change, please.

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