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25 December 2012, 11:46

Is anyone else in the UK having problems with addresses entered, I enter the address of a sixty year old housing scheme and it asks me to select a different number range e.g. I entered the number 32 in a street and it asked me to select a number between 2 and 25, but the street has over one hundred houses in it and has had since it was built in the early sixties????
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    25 December 2012, 12:03

    Could you give some specific details about the location (via PM if you want)? Then I'll check if I can reproduce the issue. You can always report the issue using the online Map Share Reporter: http://tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/" target="_blank. Once the report is accepted, it will be implemented into a new map release (usually in 6 to 12 months).
  • Essex_BoyEssex_Boy

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    3 January 2013, 15:01

    Just to make sure that everyone's expectations are aligned. With regard to house numbers, one can of course report these problems on MSR but I would not guarantee even a 12 month turn around time on these reports. House Numbers are provided in house number ranges and not a set of individual numbers and these are surveyed. Depending on when an area will be resurveyed will obvisouly have implications on when house numbers in a particular area will appear. When they do eventually appear they are often not complete.....unfortunately this is a lengthy process to gather this information.
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