TomTom GO520 map share corrections take way too long to be accepted

I shared 6 corrections for blocked streets, incorrect speed limits... beginning of August 2018. One seems to be accepted and updated, the other ones still are pending.

Is it normal a customer himself has to report the changes in traffic conditions and wait so long before they are checked and applied? In Belgium many roads got a lower speed limit last year(s) from 90 to 70 km/h, and 70 to 50 km/h and this is not reflected in the maps. In my own neighbourhood I know the limits, but what's the use of having a GPS with speed limits if they are incorrect?

You know, I bought this GO520 because TomTom mailed me that my old TomTom could not get map updates anymore, and that a new one with lifetime updates would be a better choice!!! I seriously doubt this.

I have always been happy with my TomTom's (this is my third), and I don't know if other manufacturers offer better service, but I think a next GPS will be of another brand if this does not get solved.

Etienne Bogaert

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