Submited a street name over 6 months still pending


So I have moved to my new house and even before moving I noticed the street had no name in all maps (small street with no exit and elder population so none of them are tech savvy).
So realising this was gonna be a issue even before moving I went to all map databases I could think and submitted the street name.
This was in April this year. I knew some of them would be faster other slower, so I been waiting patiently. But now we are about to enter December and all have been accepted except for one. Map share. Why? It literally shows pending since then almost like it was just ignored. Am I missing something? Is this process this slow? It actually causes issues for me for most drivers in Portugal use Tom Tom as their GPS system and as such services, deliveries and even guests have problems finding the place with just the correct adress.

For privacy issues I am not putting the id of my request here, but if any Tom Tom employee needs it feel free to contact me via PM

Best answer by VikramK 20 November 2018, 06:54

Hi Balmoth

I have sent you a PM, please check.


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Hi Balmoth

I have sent you a PM, please check.

Thanks VikramK for helping me solve this issue.
Now it seems I only have to wait another 3 -6 months for it to be implemented in the maps 😛

After a full year changes are made... Not exactly the most desirable timeline but it seems there is no way to escape it.



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