Queensferry Crossing-Missing bridge v995

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TomTom seemed to have missed the biggest infrastructure project in Scotland for over a generation. Over the last 5 years or so, £1.35 Billion has been spent on a new Forth crossing, alongside the Forth Bridge and the Forth Road Bridge. Its the highest bridge in the UK, and over 2km in length. It is open to traffic. Is it on TomTom maps? No chance. How are tom tom so inept at keeping up to date with developments in the UK?

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I agree, that the geometry of the crossing should have been on the 9.90 maps with the entrances closed, so that today, when it opened, all they had to do was lift the road closures 😠

Here is the catastrophic routing that MyDrive provides as a result of not having the new crossing on the map

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@ Niall
Niall it will be months before they get themselves organised. It was the same when a new link road opened from Heysham to the M6 in Lancashire last year. the Third Forth Bridge is already showing on Google maps, sadly TomTom do not seem to have the staff to deal with changes to road networks. It looks like Tom Tom have recognised that the the old Forth Bridge is closed today from your routing...
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They only had it closed southbound then!
But now

The reverse route is now

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Get your act together TomTom
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Hi all,

Thanks for reporting this!

I have a confirmation that this bridge is already in our database. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to the v995 release. Hopefully it'll make it to the next on in November.

Cheers, Mikko
Similar delay problem with a new major link road in Cardiff Bay. A critical infrastructure 1/2 mile Dual Carriageway to cut out long route and join 2 ends of a main route around south Cardiff. Opened June this year. I added to MapShare Reporter start of August and now status reads Accepted so might see it in a few months time? (or possibly earlier as latest Trucker map updates delayed).
Also not on Google Maps when it opened but I reported it and there is now a routing line so Google are faster - again.
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Hi Troggy53,

Thanks for reporting these changes and helping us improve our maps!

Both of your changes have been implemented in the database. From what I see it looks like these would available on navigation products at earliest in the February release.

Cheers, Mikko
Queensferry Crossing missing from map this morning on both Phone App and 5100. Travelling south suggested heading towards Kincardine.
Absolutely disgusting tomtom. At least remove the block from the existing forth bridge and allow a more sensible route to be calculated instead of a near 50mile diversion for nothing. I can't believe that even although you had this info it was not included in the last map release. This is going to cause major traffic jams across the Kincardine bridge and infrastructure roads as people follow the directions from their tomtom on an incorrect route. Time to seriously reconsider my subscriptions to another provider, as it seems tomtom are the only ones to have messed up this main arterial route.
At least I know to ignore the TomTom route over the Forth, but what about all the crazy routes TomTom are supplying - how do I know to ignore them if I don't have local knowledge?

And to get useful traffic information I will have to force TomTom to route via South and North Queensferry each time, and let it catch up when I 'magically' cross the Forth.

I think this is the last nail in the TomTom coffin for me after 13 years of use.
Come on TomTom, I've even had to swap to google maps on your own webfleet app. I know my xxl iq with its RDS traffic updates is old and creaky, but it performs well enough. I could live with bouncing across fields before updates were available when the new glasgow m74 extension opened a few years back. But seriously, none of these changes sneak up on you, do they? Should I bother with your offer of extending my updates? Do you have a "basic" piece of kit these days that gives RDS traffic updates, speed limits and travelling speed indicators?
MikkoK said:

Both of your changes have been implemented in the database. From what I see it looks like these would available on navigation products at earliest in the February release.

Seriously, six months!? Can it not be put out as a mapshare item, and users advised to run an update?
At least take off the road closure on the Forth Road Bridge! Come on TomTom get a grip.
I think I'll switch to Waze. Its free and works well. Disappointed TomTom.
I just came on to post the very same thing what an absolute joke pay £300 for a professional Sat nav and it doesn't have this on it ready for opening. This is causing chaos to my route planning total joke! Tomtom get the finger out and push an extra update out I'll not be dealing with this for 3 month hoping it's in the next update!
Just read you "hope" it will be in the next update 😂 do you think it might be worthwhile speaking to someone senior at mapping and getting it sorted or lifting the closure from the old bridge so that you don't cause gridlock in the town of kincardine.
The missing Queensferry Bridge is complete incompetence on your part it only been an on going project for 6 years how much notice do you need to get on top of a rout change
Its not just Queensferry that's missing. Where is the New section of the M8??

Theres no point having lifetime maps if we have to wait months for important infrastructure changes to be added.
400,000+ vehicles use this bridge every day as it is a major artery. I work on one side and live on the other so TOMTOM are saying I have to wait 3 months for an update to allow me to use my satnav again. This is unacceptable and I agree at the very least you should have left the Forth Road Bridge open. Other businesses have already updated their maps why will you not put out an interim update? Just think of the potential customers you could lose through this. I'm already looking at the possibilities of another satnav and looking at their update cycles as part of my criteria.

Very disappointed in TOMTOM.
I had applied updates to my GO 520 before I travelled from Kinross to south of Edinburgh, 3 days ago. The new Queensferry Crossing bridge over the Forth was the expected route but the 520 insisted that I took a large diversion over the Kincardine Bridge, even though I was approaching the Queensferry Crossing. Needless to say I ignored it and carried on following the road signs and hoping for the best; I hadn't driven this route before. I carried on over the new bridge, the 520 showing that I was driving over water, and then over fields as the new road structure associated with the bridge wasn't in the 520 either.
This is quite unacceptable TomTom! You let me down when I needed the guidance! What have I paid all that money for? Why should I buy another TomTom product in the future if this is the best you can manage?
November just isn't acceptable for an update for such a major road and bridge change. TomTom, you need to get a grip on this one. The Queensferry Crossing project has been going for about 6 years (and is now open for traffic) so you have no excuse for not providing a very prompt map update. I'm very disappointed.
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MikkoK wrote:


I have a confirmation that this bridge is already in our database. Unfortunately, it didn't make it to the v995 release. Hopefully it'll make it to the next on in November.....

So when was it added?
Absolutely useless, Tom Tom is getting worse all the time, Im surprised your senior management still have a job. 6 years in the building and you can't even get that right. It could have been included in the last update and just had it as a road closure which then could have been lifted on opening the bridge!
November? I think this is where TomTom and I part company then. It's been a long and sometimes bumpy ride (no pun intended) but if TomTom really cant respond to a change that will affect 24 million users in the next year any faster I can't really see how I can trust it in countries I don't know as well as Scotland. For all I know there might be a bridge linking Denmark and Sweden by now... 🙂
despite all the discussion on here, TomTom don't even have the decency to post any form of proper reply. Well,, looks like it will be hitting them in the pocket. The local papers have picked it up and Facebook is brimming with people saying they will never but tom-tom again. Plenty of suggestions on this thread about how quickly and easily tom-tom could have done a temporary resolution and still you refuse to implement it. I for one will also be off soon. Anyone recommend a decent iPhone app for sat nav that doesn't rely on a network connection i.e. the maps are downloaded to the phone?