Northern Distributor Road - Norwich

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Part of the New NDR is now open - 12/11/2017. I have added the roundabouts in the mapshare section, some have been accepted some are pending?? Google maps have already added the section that is open so attached is a screen dump of the A1270 so that it can be included hopefully in the next map release. It is hoped another section will be open by Christmas and the whole road should be fully open by March 2018.

Hope this helps.

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Hi, if you could post the Pending MSR IDs, a TT employee could have a look at why these are still pending.
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Hi Megalos

The ID's are:-

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Hi Tiffie29,

I can confirm that the roundabouts in your pending reports have already been implemented into our internal map database, and will hopefully be closed soon to reflect that status.

I can't comment on which release will contain these updates, but it is worth checking after the next map update due within the coming weeks. Due to the fact that some components of this road only opens by March 2018, makes it possible that some of these changes will only be released in our Quarter 1 2018 release, which should happen around that time.

Kind Regards,
To Tomtom.

The new NDR around Norwich has been open for almost 3 Months. I've just updated my TomTom and NONE of the new roads exist, according to TomTom. If updating your maps takes a little bit of time, is a company such as TomTom not able plan the release a map update to coincide, within a reasonable time, of a major road project opening??
Waze and google maps already have the updated road. How can Tomtom afford to be so slow. Won't be buying a new device when they're so slow to update things.
As stated in another thread
the NDR is still missing from map Western Europe 10.05
Please, can TomTom review this
The road is supposed to drive traffic out of Norwich. One of the major SatNav provides missing that road is not helping here
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Version 1010 maps should be released within a week or two. Likely included then.



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