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Why can you not release an update so map adjustments can be made on the device? (6250) mapshare reporter is a waste of time, I reported two six months ago and they have just been ignored and are still showing as pending, rubbish!!

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Hi, could you provide the IDs of the pending reports? Then a TT employee can look what's going on.

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Thanks for sharing the report id's.

I will forward these to be picked up on a priority.

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Hi @akacheesy

I am happy to inform you that these changes have been picked up and incorporated in our map database.

Although it could take around 6-9 months for these corrections to reflect on the new maps.

Vikram 🙂
Many thanks for your help. Can I suggest that there is a software update which enables users to make these changes on their devices rather than have to wait a year or so for TomTom to do it? (Like previous device OS's)

The two suggestions I have brought to your attention are on routes for several large haulage companies, including Stobart & DPD. There is also a coach hub that uses this road.



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