Question: Map updates reported several times and ignored

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19 May 2017, 09:42


During the last year I used the Android app to report 3 map updates, I reported the updates several times during these months, some of them are changes made 5 YEARS AGO, and currently they have not been updated on the Tomtom map. So I assume two things:
1. It's been 5 years now that Tomtom ceased to update large parts of the map from my area!! (Catalonia)
2. My reports are being ignored.

The question is simple: why?

I'm paying the service as any other user, and the service includes map updates and moreover, a navigation app with outdated maps is useless.


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    19 May 2017, 14:35

    Hi Jordi983,

    I'm afraid reports sent via the Mobile App are all considered as anonymous, and therefore I can't check on the status of the ones you sent. There are many potential reasons for why these reports have not been closed. You can find more information in the topic here. in the FAQ.

    As stated in there, when submitting via Mapshare Reporter it is much easier for us to keep track of your reports and see what their status is, so that is something worth considering for future reports.

    My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Kind Regards,

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