It thinks I live in Sawston

Just bought an 820 Go Live, got firmware and maps updated, set my home which is CB4 1SX

and it thinks it is Sawton not Cambridge (city). Unimpressed.

Before you mention the CB4 postcode changes I have lived here 15 years and my postcode has never changed.

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Shame I've long since more or less abandoned the device.

I din't get the lifetime maps that were supposedly included at the time of purchase and Live services never worked reliably for me. Hardware unrelable as documented elsewhere.

In short not as sold, faluty hardware and couldn't get it sorted out with a reasonable amount of effort. Or even unreasonable given the hours of phone calls, letters and emails.

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A little update: More than a year later, but finally the correction is implemented 🙂. It now says the address is in Cambridge. See the screenshot below:

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Would town boundary got all twisted be strong enough Fred or should I say up - which of course it is 😃.  Won't you send me your specific home coordinate please (by PM of course) and that will make sure I have the correct spot for the MSR report - I've got meself all knotted about the specific location.  I'm not too handy with the MSR I'm afraid
Boundary issue is a polite way of putting it.

I live a couple of miles from the city centre and it thinks I'm attached to a town 10 miles away while the area all around me is part of the city.
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Oops - should have replied earlier Fred, thanks for the nudge though.  It's as our local Content Ops reported - a Town Bound(ary) issue.  I've pinned it in  MSR for you but a second one would do no harm if you wanted to do so.
Did Senior Project Manager say anything useful ?
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Hi Fred,

I've had feed back from our local Content Ops office.  Heres their reply:

.... such a error has not been experienced within our Africa Office; but some suggested items; either Admin areas (there might be a boundary error in the map that includes your location, erroneously it would seem), Postal districts (well we know that not to be the case in this report) or Index Areas in that area (subs enclosed within the primary boundary - unlikely that the Sawston Boundary had been changed - o0fficially)"


 The italics are mine and I'm going to ask of our Senior Project Manager for the UK.

In the meantime I hope you now have a Favourite stored away for your gate entrance but don't call it "home".  Any person getting his or her dirty hands on it could navigate themselves right to your door - we hope to return your unit and not with other intentions.:manmad:
I live in Green Park, Cambridge, CB4 1SX which is a couple of miles north east of the city.

But TomTom, though points to the right place, says it's Sawston which is a town/village ten miles .... well see Google/Wikipedia.

My complaints is simply that it says Sawston. 

(possibly not) Fred
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I've got myself all confused now Fred -  that doesn't take much at my advanced age ;)  What is the full real address you seek for home (that's confidential so send me a pm for it).  I'd like to see exactly what the aiming point is and work back from there.  Megalos seems to have replicated the error but hasn't told us [me?] what the secret is ;)

You can tell I'm very new to MSR & RP so things, particularly analysis of issues is a bit of a mission still;  methinks for quite some time.
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Actually, for me the location is correct, but actually says Sawston, when I check my recent destinations. Good news, at least the location is right, but definitely a "minor" annoyance.
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Well both actually, Fred - and we MUST fix:D 

What I find particularly strange is that two 820's with the same map and same firmware loaded show different locations and the 740 with v890 (its firmware also up to date) all with the same search string, replicates the error ..... the thlot pickens.  In addition to Megalos' MSR report I'm going to ask locally - no one here would have the same map but perhaps there's been experience of this similar before within our Irene, South Africa office.  Ill ask the same from Belgium.

A search from MSR which for me, opens in the Johannesburg region, using the postcode only places me at the same spot in Cambridge (near Green Park Street but closer to Gainsborough Close ).  Now even stranger, if I enter the search string CB4 1SX, Sawston in MSR, I'm given the only UK alternative being C B 4 Computers placed on the A470 (Church Street) near the intersection with the A496, East Southeast of Chester.  Leaving out the space in the search string leads me to the same Computer business POI.

Anyone else with an 820 or 740 on variations of map and firmware?

Edit:  So I spelt Sawston as Shawston in my search - no wonder :: Shorty
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TomTom are certainly paying attention to this forum and will act if possible. I've made a MSR report (" target="_blank) so TomTom is officially aware of the problem now 🙂.
Thank you Megalos.

So having established this do TomTom actually pay attention to these forums or do they just exist for customers to chat amongst themselves rather than get things fixed ?
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Yes, I can reproduce the problem. When entering the postcode on a device (for example GO 740 LIVE with NC 9.430) with the Europe v890.4222 map, it says that the location is in Sawston. See the image below:

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I will double check that tonight.
Yes but does it say Sawston or Cambridge ?

Just to be clear. The location is absolutely fine. I'm complaning that it says Sawston.

Everything else seems fine though I haven't actually driven anywhere !
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That is very odd. My device and all the others are the same, and pointing me to Green Park. Yours supposed to do the very same.
Got my drum roll and it's exactly the same.

As I said it hasn't even seen inside my car yet it's so new.
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Try to do a soft reset. Press and hold the ON button, all the way until you'll hear the drum roll.
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In Map Share Reporter I get the same (Postcode centre point) when entering the postode.  Something weird going on here.  The maps therefore seem good - wonder if it could be a unit problem?  Zsolt could you offere assistance with this?

PS  I swear I answered this post a moment ago - perhaps I didn't strike the correct button  :$
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I have an 820, same map, same app, and it shows Cambridge on my device (just got home and checked for you).
Thank you for your prompt response.

As of the update this afternoon it says

App 11.037.920860.74 (0) (3015, 5/4/2012), OS 824205

Map v890.4221 release date 4/2012

It also says Sawston if you "Navigate To", put the post code in and select Green Park. Presumably any similar device will do the same ?

I have made no configuration changes whatsoever. Not even gone for a drive with it.
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According to the TT's route planner, your postcode is in Cambridge. Can you have a look at which map is installed on the device and which software? v890 is the latest map and 11.037 the latest software.


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