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I have been trying in vain for months to get a correction on TomTom to a map. Our development, which has a few streets, are labeled incorrectly and don't connect to the main road properly. I have used the Map Share feature to submit corrections, but no changes are made. I have even geolocated and submitted the town survey maps of the area.

Old Barn Road, Kent, CT 06757 USA
Fulling Lane, Kent, CT 06757 USA

Each road names are inverted. Both of these roads have a number of buildings on them which I would like to have added, but it is hard to even start when the roads in TomTom's system are reversed. Furthermore, Fulling Lane (currently labeled as Old Bar Road) should connect all the way to Main Street (Rt. 7). Please let me know if there is some other way to help get this updated! I would like people to be able to find the businesses in our shopping complex.

Thank you
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Have you reported the problem in If so, can you post the reference number you generated here and a TomTom employee may be able to look at the situation.
ID: e7a092f6-5b79-490f-9031-8063070ce04a
ID: 48bb2422-57b4-4d95-996c-5a147c5ed676
ID: 2d42541f-56bc-438b-b9a8-f8da29b41806

These are the ID numbers. I am happy to upload survey maps with each building and the locations of each road if that helps!
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Hi Kent,

Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for your reports! 😃 Since you've reported these yesterday the map team hasn't picked the up yet. Let's give them a few days to pick these up and check later again, if needed.

Btw, we released new maps yesterday. Have you checked if these are fixed on the latest map already?

Cheers, Mikko


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