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There is a chat going on about the new Mersey Gateway crossing in the UK called NEW BRIDGE AND EXTENSIVE ROAD LAYOUT

I am extremely frustrated with TomTom over their lack of being able to do the basics of what their customers expect. For instance last night I turned my 6200 to go home from Manchester and it said there was a 40 minute delay due to traffic but this was not me home the way I would use (over the Mersey Gateway), luckily for me I chose to ignore the satnav and went home the normal way and there was no problems 😠.
The problem I have is with TomTom, again and again they cannot do things correctly. the route last night avoided my normal route because
1. The old silver jubilee bridge is now showing as closed on the maps (which is correct)
2. The Mersey gateway is showing up on the map but the route is blocked and also the road layout is incorrect as you are travelling across water part of the way
Tomtom have known about this mayor road layout change for years and they have had plenty of time to prepare their updates. This route is used by thousands of drivers a day and many of them will use TomToms but now according to the satnav there is now NO possible route across the mersey near widnes/runcorn so this will have a major affect on drivers if they use their Tom tom.
I have paid a lot of money for my 6200 and I now realise it is a total waste of money due to the speed of map updates and the problems I already have with my 6200

As mentioned above can a staff member please comment!!!!!!!

An extremely angry and frustrated TomTom user (not much longer)
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Hi jak68,

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience you are experience. I understand that an issue like this can be very frustrating.

Please know that this routing anomaly is being investigated, and we will reach out to you once more light has been shed on this error.

Kind Regards,
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Robbiebot wrote:

Hi jak68,

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience you are experience. I understand that an issue like this can be very frustrating.

Please know that this routing anomaly is being investigated, and we will reach out to you once more light has been shed on this error.

Kind Regards,

Thanks for your reply Robbiebot.
I appreciate this is not your problem as such and your are on the receiving end from the customers. As you can imagine these type of problems cause a major headache for users of satnavs and if they want to keep customers and stop them going over to using free satellite navigation softwares through phones (which are updated very quickly and right first time), Tomtom need to pull there finger out with map updates (especially on major road changes that affect thousands of drivers).

I wait with baited breath, hopefully Tomtom can get a fix to this very quickly rather than having to wait another month for a map update and then find there are problems again 😉
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Sorry to add to your work load robbiebot and I know this is not your personal fault but I feel compelled to add my weight to the complaints........I have just updated to maps version 1000. The mersey gateway bridge is now visible on the overhead map view, but the device steadfastly refuses to route me over it in either direction, even when I drive along the approaches to the bridge!

I tried to teach it the route by recording a 'track' in each direction to and from work (I use this route every day, and the whole purpose of me buying the device was for the traffic updates), but when I try to use these 'tracks' the device calls me a liar and claims that I recorded a route crossing the old Silver Jubilee Bridge!

Do I really have to wait ANOTHER 3 months to use my device? Or should I defect to another manufacturer?
TomTom please get this sorted asap, before the next map update using your map corrections system thanks.
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Hello all,

Sorry about my late reply here.

We work with governments to ensure we get notifications of upcoming changes in road networks. As we pride ourselves to deliver real-time maps this new bridge has already been captured in our map update for our B2B customers.

However once an updated map is ready, we need to optimize it for our sat nav’s as well as split it up in 600 different map products that we offer our end consumers.

Currently, this still takes approximately three months. Hence this change will be made available for our sat nav users as part of the quarterly map update end of February

We would also view this as a source data problem. We set the open/close status on construction roads based on the status in the source data, and in this case, the v10.00 maps were already released in November, hence the road is considered to be closed based on this opening date of 1st December 2017 ( The Bridge opened earlier than expected ).
This is also to avoid users driving over roads that are not yet open.

We completely understand customers frustrations and are looking for ways to improve this in the future.

The following announcement (officially) was released a few days ago-

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you

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Hello Vikram, thank you for yout reply, as the instigator of this thread I would like to point out the Merseygate Way have told me that all Sat nav and mapping people had been notifed well in advance of the new bridge and road works sometime back in August 2017 the fact that the new bridge opened early is not a valid reason to not have had the alterations ready for updating TOM TOM maps with the information. I only bought my GO 520 as TOM TOM told me my GO 730 could not cope with the new maps that were being issued, now I find it is better for me to use Google Maps or WAZE to avoid being routed via Warrington or the Mersey Tunnels to get to a point just three miles from the Runcorn exit of the Dick Turpin bridge(Sorry the Merseygate Way Bridge) I like others on here will be looking to your competitors for my next Sat nav.
Stan😡 😡
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Hello Vikram

Are you saying that the Mersey Gateway will work from the 1st December 2017, if not then when will this be working?

And as I have also pointed out in my post the road layout is not correct when travelling from Widnes to Runcorn over the bridge as you start of in the river mersey.

If this problem is going to take a while to sort out, can you not just reopen the old silver jubilee bridge on your software to at least allow drivers who are using tomtoms to get in the vicinity of the mersey gateway, as mentioned by Echo 69 the Tomtom currently does a major detour to avoid this area and to someone who does not know the area will add a lot of miles and time onto their journey.

I am pretty sure all of Tomtoms competitors are not having the same problem.

To try and blame the early opening of the Mersey Gateway for their own incompetence is crazy, as someone has already said That Tomtom receives all the information well in advance and then it is only down to Tomtom to release the update at the time.😡 😡 😡

Vikram can you please comment on the above ASAP, before you lose even more customers.
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@Robbiebot @VikramK

Nice to see the customers get a quick response with a major issue 😡

I would simply like to know (as well as a lot of other customers), when this issue will be resolved😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡
just updated are map today hoping to add the new mersey gateway bridge which now shows on the overview map.

entered a postcode for the route over to runcorn and the sat nav still wants to take me over the old bridge which is closed and not very helpful as a satnav user .

by the time tomtom update the maps so you can use the new bridge the old bridge will be reopened too which is not reopening till october 2018
I am also very fed up with the lack of map update surrounding the new Mersey Flow Bridge.

To blame the bridge people for lack of information simply is not right.
The Bridge was opened the 14 October 2017. A couple of days later Google maps had their maps updated.

I notified TomTom via mapshare about the problem on the 25 November. My notification is marked as accepted.
As per yesterdays, 12 Nov, update nothing have changed.

I do a lot of travel for NHS in the area on a daily basis and my TomTom is not fit for its purpose here. 😡
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As I have pointed out Miseryflow informed all map makers including Sat Nav makers well in advance of the new bridge and surrounding road works back in August I am led to belive.
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Nice to see Tomtom staff replying to questions.

@Robbiebot @VikramK


I think it is time to write an official complaint and send it in (not that it will make a difference).

I just need to find the details of where to send it 😡
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I think banging ones head against a brickwall would get more response considering the number of coments on this topic.. perhaps a stiff note written on the inside of a new Garmin box might work?😂
Tried crossing the Mersey today (19/12/2017) using this "new" bridge but TOMTOM would not allow it. Kept sending me either through the tunnels at Liverpool or via the M6. V.P.O.
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Welcome to the misdirected club BRYANBLOIS!
Looks like I'm not the only one with this issue, being the grand daughter and daughter of two people trying to get across the bridge using satnav because well ... google maps is too hip for the oldies, both my granddad and my dad are struggling getting over, my dad not so much but likes to know where he's going and my granddad trying to get OUT of Widnes back over the border to Wales ended up in Nantwhich and crossed the bridge 3 times!!!! just to get home! Get it sorted Jesus! next you're gonna tell us there's no tolls on it or something n all!
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Three more to the club then... it may get sorted by February by then the new bridge the Dick Turpin bridge will be due for repair!! lol
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would it be possible for tomtom to add new roads to maps before they open as closed then use mapshare to open once open to the public. this would avoid the several month wait for the new maps to release. i know it won't help in this case but may help moving
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Reply from customer support when I sent in a complaint 😡:

With reference to your query about Mersey gateway between Widnes and Runcorn, I would like to inform you that we have already reported this map error (missing street/bridge) on our maps. The map development has investigate on this report and have also accepted it. They are now working on the final stage to get it implemented through next map update.

I would like to assure you the Mersey Gateway Bridge will be on the map with next map update release. Please see the below screenshot of reported map error for your reference .
Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused.
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Which map update and when?😟
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"The problem I have is with TomTom, again and again they cannot do things correctly"

... Use another sat nav then
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Gimba wrote:

"The problem I have is with TomTom, again and again they cannot do things correctly"

... Use another sat nav then

That is ok saying that, but not when you have paid over £300 for a satnav not that long ago....😩
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jak68 wrote:

Gimba wrote:

"The problem I have is with TomTom, again and again they cannot do things correctly"

... Use another sat nav then

That is ok saying that, but not when you have paid over £300 for a satnav not that long ago....

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Well said Jak88 and what garentee that sat nave will be right any way, blow spending more money to find out...


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