Map Update Service, is it worth buying?

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In my personal opinion the answer is NO!

Let me try to explain you why and let's see if you may change my mind before the next 5 days when my service will expire!

Two days ago I was finally able to download my 4th and last Europe map update (65 minutes for about 2,4gb!), soon after the first power on I have realized that again almost all my local mapshare corrections were lost.

That means about one day to recreate them, I'm using this unit from a little more than a year and I have about 300 corrections on the online MapShare Reporter... some of them, the oldest, are correctly applied on the 905 map.

I have already tried the trick but it simply doesn't work; it never worked for me, maybe with the latest TTH/Navcore it's no more possible.

Obviously I have already updated the map with the, few, mapshare corrections from TTH but of course mine are not there; nor the corrections locally done and uploaded from my GO, neither the one I made on the MSR online tool.

Here it would probably help knowing how TT means with "reported by some"... how may reports are needed for some? For sure 1 is not enough...

After about one year of forum reading I now know that, on average, one year is needed for a correction to be physically stored on a map, so why bother updating it 4 times a year when mapshare is helping keeping a good up-to-date map (obviously not considering new streets)? Why bother updating it 4 times a year when your own mapshare corrections are removed and must be re-done (if not reported by some)?

Price, right now TT is offering the service for 12+6 months free so my thinking may not be so good: I have actually started thinking about this on the previous update and, if I remember correctly, at that time the service offer was for 12 month. Anyway, today a country map costs 44,95 while the whole Europe costs 69,95; the update service for a country is 54,95 and for Europe is 79,95 but the renewal is as little as 39,98 which is 15 less that a single map.

Do I want to save that 15? An option could be to buy the service but not using it: I may ignore all the map download but the last one. Actually this can be the solution...

I really like to known what are your opinion!
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I have just posted something like what you are saying (oldfart101). I purchased a map here in Australia just after purchasing my XL Tom Tom and the dam  map was more than 10 years old the day of purchase. Now while 2 other GPS companies are giving free lifetime maps with the purchase of their product we are STILL being slugged for out of date maps. why?
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Hi Giangi.

Yes, it is always a good idea to keep your maps up-to-date as roads are always changing.

However, I do understand your issue about your Map Share Corrections that you have generated being deleted.

I found this too when I created many Blocked Roads for personal use, as I didn't want to drive my lorry down certain roads.

I did find a work-a-round where you create Map Corrections for personal use and they were not deleted when I updated to a new map. This is what I done.

1: Remove yourself from the Map Share Community

2: Create your Map Correction

3: Do Not Share your corrections (very important)

If you do the above, your personal Map Corrections will not be deleted - Well, they haven't on mine so far and I updated my Maps 3 times without my corrections being deleted.

Hope that helps 🙂
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My opinion is, it isn't a good deal on the normal price. When I get 4 updates for under £40, I can live with that (for a whole EU map). Most probably most of the roads that I use are not even changed though, but you can never know. However certainly a new device with free lifetime maps is a convincing choice also (and putting the old one up for sale).

since the map v9.00. stay retained your own corrections.
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I just paid £24.48 for my 12+ 6 updates as I found a discount coupon online and I already have the current v9.05. I'm happy with that sort of pricing.
Can I ask what the code was ?
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c-a-r-l-o-s wrote:
since the map v9.00. stay retained your own corrections.

Absolutely not for the 100%. I have found only the very last changes I did on the v9.00 map where retained, and not all of them (the ones made on v9.00). I cannot give you an exact percentage but for sure not all my corrections were carried over to v9.05 😠 ...otherwise I didn't had to spend my time to re-done them on v9.05!!!

I mean your own corrections in your device.
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Yes, that is what I'm talking about: MY OWN corrections made directly into my Go750 were NOT all carried over to the latest map! Only a few of them I have found still applied...
Absolutely not !

I bought the 1 year update with an extra 6 months (or 2 maps) but now am told it has expired after just 12 months.and there appears  to be absolutely no way I can I can contact Tom Tom to have them rectify this. 

To me this is not acceptable. 
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Have you tried to call them?
Hello,    I too have been told that my 18 month up date service has expired even before twelve months are up.  Have had reminders to renew after nine months and just got a 'FINAL REMINDER' to buy update service again. 

I have been unable to contact TT.   I do not know if update service updates the version of map you have (it hasn't for me) or just updates gps & corrections.  I think if you buy an update service it should update you map in all ways possible??