LandRover Navigation Update

I have a 2016 LandRover Discovery Sport and I wanted to update the navigation system. I was told that the only way was to contact ANZ Automotive and to purchase the updates on CDs. Unfortunately the Discovery Sport does not have a CD player but an SD Card slot. In July, I put this information in the remarks section of the purchase process but sometime later I received CDs. I returned the CDs and requested a refund. As of now (October 24), even though promises of the refund have been made and the involvement of LandRover Customer Relations who also informed me the ANZ Automotive will process a refund, no money has been deposited in my account. After 3 months of waiting, lied to and treated like a 'mushroom', I am at a loss as to how this company can be 'called to account' for their actions... I am also disappointed with LandRover Australia who have established such an inefficient process for making navigation updates. I have another car and updates occur as part of the servicing of the vehicle - why cannot LandRover do the same? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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