GO 930 Map Update pricing is forcing me to consider a device upgrade

I am a GO 930 owner and have maintained my map subscription over the years of my satisfied ownership.

Now I'm faced with a decision. Break even on a new TomTom device (the VIA 1525 seems the most likely upgrade path) with lifetime maps is less than 2 years. Why should I continue to upgrade my GO 930 subscription?

This is based on a $79.95 ($USD - $103 $CDN) map subscription renewal and $154 ($CDN) for a new VIA 1525 from amazon.ca.

My GO 930 is reliable and I don't want to throw it away in favour of the VIA 1525 but TomTom map subscription pricing is forcing me in this direction or towards exclusive reliance on my iPhone for navigation.

Does TomTom offer a program for users like me to obtain access to lifetime maps or does their policy support my analysis above?

Thanks in advance,

Allan Helton
Victoria, BC Canada

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allan.helton wrote:

Does TomTom offer a program for users like me to obtain access to lifetime maps....

No, they do not.

Other devices of your generation:



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