Question: change USA map to USA/Canada and keep lifetime map ????

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30 July 2013, 11:59

I'm Canadian and I bought my GO LIVE 1535 in America. The problem is I have USA map only and I want USA and Canadian Map.

My question is, Can I buy USA/Canadian map and keep lifetime update map on my GPS??? I don't want to lose the lifetime update map. 

Thanks for your answers.

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  • dhn

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    30 July 2013, 12:05

    Are you sure you don't have Canada on the map. The Go Live 1535 sold in the States is the same as sold here in Canada **except** the LIVE services in the States will not work in Canada and the Go LIVE 1535 sold in Canada has LIVE services that don't work in the States.


    Both come with USA_Canada_Mexico maps.

    Try Drive to-->Address and in the next screen, scroll up or down till you see the Canada logo map.
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