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I have been waiting 6 mnths for a map update customer servive promised me emails ofcourse i did not receive then i have phoned 3 times now they skipped the last update because it wasent fixed yet . Then they said last week in January first week in feb again no email so i rang back last week they are now saying mid feb. Tom tom customer service is bad atleast let your customers know that its not fixed yet . And it shouldn't take 6 mths to fix a glitch or corrupt file . So if i hear nothing by this week end i am reporting tom tom to consumer affair.

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985 maps are due soon (I wouldn't be surprised if this week.......)
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Hi acca1

TomTom releases 4 maps in a year with a span of 3 months (February, May, August, November). Unfortunately, I can't quote a date because those are tentative.

Today we have released a new map version 985 and you can download it using MyDrive Connect.




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