VIA 120 MAP GUARANTEE cant download maps

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I bought the via 120 in March, I have tried everything to download the update from my map guarantee without luck, My tomtom says the maps are older than 13 months old, my PC say new maps are ready to download, it down loads the software update OK but when I try to download maps I hit the start downloading button the pale blue button turns grey then nothing happens. I have been in contact with tomtom support team 3 different people every thing I have tried still don't work they said its my PC, I have tried 3 different laptops and 2 different computers still not working, I have changed my internet explorer to ie7, ie6, back to ie8 still not working tried XP, vista  and windows 7 still not working,, My last contact with tomtom I asked for a replacement or my money back and they have just said my case has been passed to 2nd Line engineers who will investigate this was on 26 aug, I will give it another week and go back to curry's

Unless anyone has had same promlem sorted

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Hope this helps other

After trying everything with no luck, even TomTom support team couldn't help?

I set up another account in my wife's name used her email address, when I connected the tomtom it said do you want to link this device to this account said yes, HEY PRESTO I can now down load maps no problem.

I think because I had a older tom tom years ago and added another tomtom that may have caused the map download problem, it would be interesting if others who can't download also had other tomtoms on their account before.