Trying to download new map

Hi I have been tying to download a new map to my TomTom GO 610. I get to the end and then it crashed saying that the servers are busy at the moment.

Starting to get frustrated as I can't finde anywhere to get support?
No phone numer, Chat is not working i cant get through. I tried sending message on FB no reply. This is my last chance.

Have a PC win 10 Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299
TomTom GO 610

I have received several different errors

  1. Some objects didn't update
  2. Server is too busy
  3. And then downloading but nothing happens four hours!!!
When trying to make room on the device by deleting unnecessary languages it crashes.

So please give me some ideas on what to do.
Running out of ideas myself.

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Oh by the way I'm swedish so would really love a support numer to call.

Flying out tomorrow so now I'm running out of time.....
Adding the screen shot here as well

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@dhn thanks! Got the number but they don't answer phone calls. They refer to their chat instead. Which is not so user friendly. But got info that they are facing some issues and will try to solve them within 24 hours.

fingers crossed
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Everyone there is a current outage, I posted an update here:




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