No maps found! After update!

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After an e-mail from TomTom re: map update for the summer, I went through the :MY DRIVE"and MY DRIVE CONNECT'routine. The end result was NO MAPS FOUND and what was worse, my PC did not recognise my Start 25 and so I could not make a connection.

After a long telephone conversation with customer service(a very helpful man) and countless uninstall/redownload/soft resets ,I learnt, that BULLGUARD internet security system may be part of the problem. I have used Bullguard for years and have no complaints..

However, I am lucky enough to have a spare old laptop. I removed Bullguard, installed My Drive Connect and It worked.

Nav.syst. back in order.

The real problem is the software from TomTom.
My update for the v930 maps on a go live 825 also failed. I got the red screen "no maps found" error as well.

Here is what I did to solve it: 

1) Uninstall Mydrive (it cleared also the home3 folder as described above)

2) Soft reset device

3) Reinstall Mydrive

4) connect device and let it update

Now for this last step I had to practice some patience 🙂 The update process looks like it's failing. It downloaded the v930 maps, but on installing them the bar never went beyond 7%. It kept resetting to 0% after this. The timer, however, steadily counted down. This took one hour in total, but completed successfully.

Worth a try...

Details: Windows 7, IE8, MyDriveConnect, GO Live 825M
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@quintas: Have you tried to put the MyDrive app to the white list/exclusion list of Bullguard?
Yesterday I bought the Tomtom Start 25, I could just play with the settings, but then I thought I better register and update some maps. From that moment on, the update starts a while, then lose connection to server of some sort, and then No maps found, I tried everything so far (firewall disable, anti virus disable). Even let Mydrive download the map to my laptop first, before I get it to the GPS. And always keep getting that error.
I use Chrome. 
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Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds.
I tried, same result, it lets me update a few mins, then same error again 😞
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Hi Howie1987,

Welcome to the forum!

The log shows some errors with updating relating to an interference with your internet connection.

The first think you should try is to choose only one update at the time for installation. The map seems to be in the queue now so MyDrive will resume downloading it once you (re)connect your device.

For further troubleshooting steps, I'd recommend you to see" target="_blank and" target="_blank

Cheers, Mikko
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    As Mikko says, install the upgrades one at a time, I find when using MyDrive I find Its best to click on the MyContent.PNG button top left on the MYDrive screen, then install them one at a time, the GPS Quick Fix is forced ticked by Tomtom. So un-tick the others and install GPS Quick Fix then tick and install the others one at a time, If there is a Application upgrade install that first.

  • Make new folder in my documents change defaul cache fromC:UsersNameAppDataLocalTomTomHOME3cache  to folder you just made use my drive connect to clear cache and all updates should download and install ok.
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    Hi John,

    Thanks for sharing your tip! 😃

    However, I wouldn't change the default location of the cache folder, especially not away from the AppData folder to the user area. The same effect can be reached by deleting the cache folder. Cache can also be emptied from the MyDrive Connect application. However, the settings button may be grayed out if an update is in the queue in which case a manual deletion is the only way to do it.

    Cheers, Mikko
    Spent a day and a half of this. Tried switching to a different USB port. Worked. 
    I have just bought a brand new TomTom truck 5150 Pro. After update there is a information no maps found!!!!!! I have registered TomTom and live also. In My drive connect there are no maps but radars Yes. Before updating I had my map and now no map!!!!!!! I have red the forum several times also the instructions and nothing still the same problem. I tried in on 3 PCs without antyvirus without firewall with different USB ports and cables and nothing. Still the same message no maps... I have lifetime maps but no possibility to download them from Mydrive. I tried everything everything. I tried also "Zsolt" help with no use. Please help me somehow someone!!!
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