Question: I receive my New Go2435TM and NO maps!!!

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18 December 2011, 16:47

My gosh! i very excited when open the box, immediately try to find if any update of maps exist and install My TomTom in my MacBook, wait for aprox 2 hours for the download, continue the steps and the update is stoped for a "Someting is wrong in your device" and NOW MY GPS NOT HAVE ANY MAPS!!! obiusly im not disconnect the cable when the update is running. 

any way to format the device and start again? because My TomTom app say "Your Navigation Device is Up-to Date"

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  • dhn

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    18 December 2011, 17:11

    Did you log in with an email address to MyTomTom's site when you connected.

    And you installed MyTomTom's computer app (tomtom.com/getstarted)?

    If so, in the desktop's MyTomTom icon, click on Settings-->Cache, do you have checked to store large items in the cache?

    If so, clear the cache, save, and that should force another dl of the map.
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