MyDrive Connect connection issues in case of possible malware on the PC (Windows)

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Sometimes malwares might block the connection to a TT device (or any other network device). It is highly advised to run a few of these checks sometimes. In case of a large storage and many files (and huge amount of data) and on a non-SSD system, it might take a few hours easily.

- (bleepingcomputer)
- tdsskiller (by Kaspersky)
- ESET online scanner (by ESET)
- Malwarebytes Antimalware (by Malwarebytes, the FREE version is enough, PRO not required)
- Super Antispyware (the FREE EDITION is enough)
- CCLEANER (the FREE version is OK, disable monitoring within if don't want background check)

Run (install all the above, but the rkill, as it doesn't require installation):
- In normal mode, run the TDSSKILLER and accept the terms and let it update.
- In normal mode, run Malwarebytes and update.
- In normal mode, run Antispyware and update.
- In normal mode, run CCLEANER and update.
- In normal mode, run CCLEANER. Clean all the rubbish, plus the registry too.

Restart the PC in "safe mode" (different Windows version have different ways to do - from XP to W7, press F8 at startup, in W8-W10, need to do some manual labour to achieve, GiYF :)), then keep this order:
- Run RKILL.COM, wait to finish.
- Run TDSSKILLER, wait to finish.
- Run CCLEANER, wait to finish. Again, the rubbish and the registry too.
- Run Malwarebytes Antimalware, wait to finish. When done, go to history and delete the whole quarantine.
- Run Super Antispyware, wait to finish. Use the high boost scan. Whatever it pops-up at the very beginning as rubbish extension in browsers or such, delete all.
- Run ESET online scanner, wait to finish. Search for all possibilities it offers (possible threats and so).
- Run CCLEANER, wait to finish. Again, the rubbish and the registry too.

Restart the PC and it should be all dandy again.

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